Up in the air

Posted by alice ttlg at January 29, 2006 | Comments (0)

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Car repair place across from the Dry Creek Cafe where I had lunch today. Then I walked down to the bicycle store to get a lock for my bike so I can ride it to the cafe and other places (since my car decided to be broken Friday evening on the way home from work).

Tree and fire hydrant #1

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I'm cheating a bit since I actually took these two pics yesterday but I was up till after 3 am this morning dealing with a virus on my server and cleaning out dozens of files while a (very wonderful) friend helped track down the original virus files and make sure all was clean again.

This is a view outside where I work, it's out in the boonies and most of the lots around us are empty, still covered with trees and brush and Texas-type forests. It's been quite lovely all this fall since about the beginning of October with the trees turning very slowly due to the odd weather we had.

(Okay, it's January 3rd, why are suddenly having some huge fireworks explosions outside? Like public fireworks displays, not just the kind you can buy at the fireworks store and set off in your backyard...)

Squirrel on a Wire

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Looks like he's posing for me, doesn't he? Didn't last long tho, he ran off as soon as I snapped this, one-handed and not very steady, right at twilight.

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