I wandered thru Taylor McKnight's Taylor McKnight's Steal these buttons! and after saving a hundred or so, decided to craft a colophon with them.


I believe in Freedom 2004 so I'll be voting for Kerry/Edwards 2004 in November 2004. I'm an ACLU card-carrying liberal and damn proud of it! Tolerance is such a patronizing word, I don't tolerate others' personal sexual preferences, I celebrate the Rainbow of human love! I am firmly Pro-Choice, the decisions that must be made about a pregnancy are the most serious ones in our lives and as I would never attempt to dictate what anyone else must do or not do in that situation, I don't want anyone else dictating to me either. I stand for the right of everyone to make their own choices, both for and against abortion.

These two, find truth and have faith, were lumped around religious stuff, but I don't limit them to God and church, I believe we should seek to find truth everywhere, both inside and outside of ourselves and we should attempt to have faith in ourselves, the world around us, both near and far away. (I've linked hese buttons to Google searches as the ephemeral quality seems fitting.)


I am 100% adminstrator of my own server which runs on Linux, open source is the best! I am Anti-Spam. 'nuff said. I am also 90% geek, I Just Say No to IE and OE, instead I use Gecko products, Thunderbird for email and Firefox for web surfing. You too can Browse Happy!

Web Design

I do my best to make my websites as accessible as possible in Any Browser. To do that, I use valid XHTML v1.0 and CSS, check out the cssZenGarden for some inspirational examples of what CSS can do. Another great resource for spiffy new ways to design sites is A List Apart.

To build and maintain my websites and blogs, I use NoteTab for HTML, CSS and text editing, I also use TopStyle for some CSS editing. For FTP, FileZilla is simply the best, literally faster than all the rest. For graphics on my sites, I use PaintShopPro but I really need to learn how to use it better and get some real graphical and design instruction. For my blogs, I use Movable Type, v3 is quite spiffy, the new subcategories is a god-send for my links blog! And I couldn't live without Zempt!, it saves me huge amounts of time in converting six or seven years of bookmarks into my links blog. I have a Creative Commons License for my blogs, please be kind to the creators of your favorite sites and don't steal. For domain registration, I use GoDaddy, they have good prices and excellent customer service, prompt, helpful answers.

Feeds & Rings

For my personal journal blog, I have an XML (Atom) feed and a Live Journal as well as an XML (RSS 2.0) and a XML (RSS 1.0) and you can also subscribe thru Subscribe with Bloglines to Dancing About Architecture. For my links blog, I have an XML (Atom) feed and an LJ Feed for your Friends List as well as an XML (RSS 2.0) and a XML (RSS 1.0) and you can also subscribe thru Subscribe with Bloglines to Links. I'm in the Globe of Blogs. I keep meaning to set up a BlogRoll Me but it's one of those things still on my getaroundtuit list. For finding blogs, there's blogdex and Technorati. Don't forget to sign up at Bloglines for your own free feed account, they're the best newsreader around!

Books & TV & Movies

I grew up with my nose perpetually in Books, I always read everything in my English lit textbook within the first week of the semester. As a result, I have a decent vocabulary and can spell most anything but I'm sometimes uncertain how to pronounce various words that I've only read and never heard spoken. I <3, even though they sell much more, I still use it mainly as a bookstore. Mainly for amusement purposes, here's my My Wishlist at

The "idiot box" or "boob tube" were my grandfather's nicknames for the TV but it never totally suceeded in getting me away from it. My brother and I sporadically write up our views on TV shows and movies, Ramblings from the Idiot Box. I heart Joss Whedon who is a TV god, creating brilliant shows like Buffy, Angel and Firefly, stupidly axed by Fox but coming to a movie theatre near you in May 2005. I also read Wil Wheaton who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation but he's moved far past that and turned into an interesting thoughtful person and parent. And then there's Lord of the Rings, an incredible trilogy of books turned into an incredible trilogy of movies. I got a DVD player last fall, then I discovered the magic that is Netflix and promptly put 150 movies in my queue.


Music, I love music, rock and roll saved my soul and got me thru adolescence. Bruce Springsteen was our savior, me and my friends would drive down the highway, shouting out the words to his songs at the top of our lungs with all the windows rolled down! So Boycott the RIAA! I use Wimamp to play all my Bruce Springsteen MP3s.


I was born in January and for those stuck in a 70's disco humming Donna Summer tunes, I'm an Aquarius. My father's dad was from Manchester, England and my father's mom was from Germany and pretty much the same on my mother's side, so that makes me mostly half English and half German with a little Scotch and Irish thrown in from my mother's dad's family.

Because I was born in the South, I am a Southerner. If I had been born in the North, the West, or the Central Plains, I would be just a human being.
- Clyde Edgerton

I am a Texan, I live here and I was born here, too but I spent my early years in Illinois and I've never forgotten the feel of snow and the sense of changing seasons, which is why my favorite season is Winter with Autumn and Spring coming in as close seconds (you'll notice there's a season missing, that was not a mistake).

I love Horses and I'm 100% Natural, 50% Sane (and anyone who says they're more than 50% sane is really crazy). I'm Weird and I think Ferris Beuller's Day Off was the best day ever. Oh yeah, Mean People Suck.

I don't like Starbucks, I'm just not into the half caf decaf cin extra foam skim milk double triple latte whatever. I love Coffee, plain, ordinary, velvety brown Coffee with some cream and sugar, it keeps me going!


I'm an Orkut, got a membership in exchange for a GMail invite but I don't really know anyone there yet. If you're a member, look me up. You can gmailme but if you spam me, I will virtually kill you. I also have an MSN IM nick but I'm not posting that publicly, you'll have to contact me and if I know you, I might add you.


Wondering where the title of this blog comes from? It's a line from the movie, Playing by Heart, spoken by Angelina Jolie's character, Joan:

"I just said, 'Well, if you're going to get all philosophical on me, it's just as pointless talking about a lot of things, love for instance.' and he said, 'Definitely! Most definitely! Talking about love is like dancing about architecture.'"


There's Google and there's Wikipedia and I've been doing My Points for several years, they send emails, you click on the link and you get points which you can exchange for various things, free gift certificates and such (I've got $30 of Target gift certificates in my purse right now, all paid for by a few clicks each week) and no spam, they've been really good about that, I've used only tagged addresses with them and never gotten a speck of spam at all. If you're really bored, go wander around CNN, there's all sorts of weird stuff there.

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