Ordinary Heroes

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Ordinary Heroes by Scott Turow Ah, this is much better! Turow's last couple books have been just a bit too down, too depressing, for me to really get into the characters, but this one is good, focusing on Stewart Dubinsky, the journalist seen in previous books and his father, it's starting off really good.

And it just gets better and better! A good pace, a fascinating story, it reminds me a bit of Saving Private Ryan in its portrayal of the war in France after D-Day. I'd rank this so far as one of his very best, as good as my favorite, Pleading Guilty. It may take him three years to write a book, but it's definitely time well-spent.

Finished it today, best damn book I've ever read, I actually cried at the end and I never do that with books, I get involved and all in the characters and the plot but I never get that emotional but this one is simply so brilliant. Truly the best thing he's done and it ranks in my all-time top five books now.