In Your Face

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In Your Face by Scarlett Thomas Just as good as the third one! She's definitely on my must-read list, I hope she keeps writing regularly. She's got a good lead character developed now and I like the direction she's taken with her (you'll have to read the third book to know what I'm talking about). Good settings, great villain, good development of the family and friends involved in this one too. I miss the cat, Maude tho! Since this mostly all takes place in London, the cat's home with Lily's mum.


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Seaside by Scarlett Thomas This is her third book which I accidentally read before the second one and it's terrific, she's improved greatly since her first one, much better pace, tighter plot, characters better fleshed out and much more interesting. Now I'm reading the second one, In Your Face, and it's very good too.

Dead Clever

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Dead Clever by Scarlett Thomas Pretty good, good pace, nice back story on the breakup with the boyfriend and I like the Devon (England) locale, although I could do without her smoking every five pages, it distracted from the momentum of the story.