The Virgin of Small Plains

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The Virgin of Small Plains It's a good book, parallels events from the main character's HS years with present day and builds up both interest in the characters and suspense in the plot at the same time. I used to read Nancy Pickard's book regularly when she was doing the series about the woman who ran a non-profit foundation in New England, then she moved on to a more humorous set of characters that I just couldn't get into. Her recent series about a non-fiction writer about killers (along the lines of Ann Rule) has been good but not as good as that first series.

This book, however, is as good as her first series, and I like seeing the then-and-now views of the different characters, who changed, who didn't, who grew up and took over their parents' jobs, lives, farms, who moved away and did different things. There's good humorous touches like the parrots crapping in the boots of someone they don't like and it's got a good small town feel to it. It also captures the sense of urgency and recklessness of youth, the ease of falling into crushes and obsessions and the self-centeredness, the "no-one else feels like this and my problems are huge, bigger than anything else in the world" absorption of teenagers.