Lord Byron's Novel: The Evening Land

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Done in the fashion of the movie of The French Lieutenant's Woman, with the Byron novel in the past paralleling the current day researcher, the current day stuff sucks badly. The researcher is portrayed solely thru her emails with her female lover and her father and it all comes off as very trite and teenager-ish. The Byron novel is far more interesting, although slow going since it's written in the period language and there's not much of a plot there. Having finally finished it, I'm at a loss as to why it's supposed to be the "ghost story" that the three were challenged to write at the Shelleys' villa. There's nothing really ghosty about it, some mild stuff and still no real plot at the end of it all. The footnotes by Ada were almost more interesting than the novel itself. About halfway thru I started skipping all the current day stuff, all the emails and letters set in the present day, boring drivel.