Shoulder The Sky

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Shoulder the Sky I keep trying to read this second book of her World War I series but I keep returning it to the library unfinished. The first book in the series was slow and boring and dull and this one is somehow even more so. I guess I'll give up on this series and stick to her 19th century stuff set in England (I couldn't stand her book set in France in the 19th (18th?) century either).

A Christmas Guest

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A Christmas Guest by Anne Perry This is by far the best of her Christmas series, focusing on Charlotte Pitt's curmudgeonly grandmama, it both incorporates a very good mystery as well as fleshing out and advancing the character. I'm interested to see if she turns up in any of the future Pitt novels now and how she is portrayed.

A Christmas Visitor

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A Christmas Visitor by Anne Perry The second in her Christmas series, this one focuses on Henry Rathbone around the same time as the Monk series with his son, Oliver Rathbone. The plot line doesn't quite measure up to her usual work but the ending is interesting.

A Christmas Journey

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A Christmas Journey by Anne Perry The first of her Christmas books, this one illuminates the difficulty of travel in 19th century England while teaching a gentle moral lesson. It features Vespasia when she was younger, an interesting glimpse in the character we've seen only as an older matriachal figure for Thomas and Charlotte Pitt.