January 24, 2006  ::  Tuesday

11:13 AM
Working for a Living Gotta get out of this job

It's amazing how quickly this job has gone bad, less than a year and I absolutely dread coming to work each day. I like everyone here except for the PHB who runs this office. I've worked for a bunch of different bosses over the years but this guy is amazingly bad. He obsesses over tiny things (like vacuuming the carpets), he says stuff that he later vigorously denies (to the point of making up something else that must have been what he said) and he is really good at transferring blame to others (and if you don't willingly accept the blame, then you have an attitude problem).

Last week I was late with a daily report and he got upset about that, okay fine, I can understand that, I was late because of our broken accounting software that makes everything take three or four times as long as it should but it was late nevertheless. Yesterday, I got the report out on time and he got upset at me. Why? Because he made changes last week to some of the info that goes in the report and never gave me the updated info.

He rarely does give his revisions and updates tho, I always find out from someone else that he's made changes when I hand out the report and someone says, "oh this is all wrong, PHB changed all that several days ago". Monday morning, someone told me that when I handed out Friday's report so when I did Monday's report, I removed the bad info, figuring better to have nothing than erroneous info. A blank column would cause people to look for the right data elsewhere (like in the emailed reports he sends to everyone but me) while a column of erroneous data would lead people to think the wrong thing. But noooooo, apparently PHB would much rather I issue the report with the wrong data.

Sheesh. And I'm still waiting on him to give me the correct data for today's report.

Jason [January 24, 2006 11:30 AM] Sheesh.. Maybe someone should anonymously send him that resignation letter I posted in your LJ..

Speak to me

January 19, 2006  ::  Thursday

07:38 PM
Working for a Living Broken...

Late this morning, we find we cannot send out email, message that disk is full. IM my boss, he's determined that's the webhost's fault. However, it's more likely because he never deletes his mail off the server and has now filled up our 2 gig space (website is tiny). Boss goes off to call webhost, I go to get office supplies and to lunch. I come back, he's IM'd me that he's sent me some invoices by email. I check email, nada. He says impossible, he's sent me three emails! I suggest that perhaps if the disk is full, it can't receive email anymore than it can send out email....

This place is so broken.

Monday night, we had heavy thunderstorms here and lots of wind Monday night and into Tuesday afternoon. Some trees across the freeway werw leaning on the power lines and our power kept blipping out again and again most of Tuesday till they got all the tree branches chopped down. Since TPTB here thought it was a waste of money to put a UPS on the server and workstations, we got virtually no work done at all that day. The power would blip out, the server would turn off. I'd turn it on and by the time I walked back to my office, it'd blip again. Or I'd get to my desk, reboot my PC and the power would blip again and so it went all day.

Then my boss (one of those TPTBs) sent a nasty email to everyone whining about how someone restarted the server without warning him and he lost 1 1/2 hours of work! I explained that it was the power going out for 2 seconds that shut down the server and if we'd had even a $40 UPS with five minutes of battery power, he wouldn't have lost all that work. Sixty seconds later, I get an email from him telling me to buy a UPS for the server.

Soooooooooo broken.

TPTB decided that I should also buy one $40 UPS for one PC so they could see how that worked the next time the power went out. (This was the third serious power problems since I came here last March, one was because they didn't pay the bill on time and the other two were from storms.) The one the company is buying goes on the PC of the CRM database administrator and I'm spending my own $40 to get one for me, it's worth it to reduce the stress of working here.

Broke, broke, broke. And no-one wants to fix it.

February 04, 2004  ::  Wednesday

12:14 PM
Working for a Living Every Once in a While, You Get to Win

Man in uniform messing around with electric meter for the laundry I share with the main house. I throw coat on over my sweats and go outside.

Me: Whatchya doing?

Electric Company Guy: I'm here to disconnect #2 (my house) and #3 (the laundry room).

Me: No Way! I paid my bills, all I owe is the current amount!

Electric Company Guy: I got a disconnect order for #2 and #3, have you got receipts?

Me: I paid online, I'll get the info and my phone and we'll talk to the Electric Company.

(much later, having been passed thru two departments, three different people and forty minutes of elevator music)

Electric Company: I'm very sorry, we've fixed everything on your account, we've cancelled the disconnect order for #2 and we've issued a reconnect order on #3, our apologies for the mistake.


Every once in a while, David gets to beat up on Goliath.

July 11, 2003  ::  Friday

05:12 PM
Working for a Living Workworkwork!

Ack! I have to go to work on Monday!!!! LOL! It's a temp job but it's for sure, no interviews, I just have to show at 8 am on Monday! (groan! and it's quite a drive out there so I have to be up really early! This is going to be such a shock to my system!)

Let me back up to this morning....

9:15 am - message from agency #2 about temp job for 2-3 weeks, I say sure, set me up, the other agency hasn't called yet and the job was getting flaky. He asks if I'm available to interview Monday, I say yes.

9:30 am - I call agency #1 about perm job, the company has decided to hire a temp for three months (but not someone they interviewed) and *then* go back to everyone they just interviewed and see who's still available (anyone who's still available after three months probably isn't the person they want, the good ones will have gotten jobs). Weird, this was a temp to perm position to begin with, why aren't they picking someone they interviewed?

4:00 pm - never heard back from agency #2 about interview for Monday.

4:15 pm - agency #1 calls, they have a temp job that starts Monday, no interview necessary, same pay rate as temp job from agency #2, I say I'll take it! So I'm working as of Monday for two to three weeks, someone became ill suddenly so I'm filling in, general bookkeeping/accounting work and they're transitioning to new accounting software so I'll be busy!

4:30 pm - I call agency #2 to let them know that I'm taking this other temp job. Recruiter mumbles something about two to three *months*, perm and I start grilling him (politely) and find out that it is temp for two to three *months* with a possibility of a permanent position! Sheesh, I swear he did NOT say that yesterday when he called me about this job! But this job wouldn't start for at least a week so I say yes, I can still interview, just not Monday and I would want to give some notice to agency #1, a few days at least so I don't leave them in a lurch. But yes, if it's a temp to perm, I'm definitely interested (although on second thought, it's a bit further out than I'd like for a permanent job, for temp, I don't care but for perm, I don't want to get stuck with a horrendous drive and I don't want to move further out, I really like where I am so I dunno but I'll definitely go interview).

4:45 pm - I'm exhausted! :) But I'm working! I don't care if it's early, I don't care if it's a drive out (but the agency will reimburse for tollway costs!), I'm just so glad to be working!!!

July 10, 2003  ::  Thursday

03:19 PM
Working for a Living Somebody likes me, they really like me!

Lordy, when it rains it pours! I just got a call from one of the other agencies, they have a temp job possibility, for two to three weeks for a very good hourly rate! I sent them a blurb about my specific skills for that job and told them about the other possible perm job and that I'd let them know as soon as I heard, later today or in the morning.

So if I don't hear about the permanent job by tomorrow morning, I'll tell them to go ahead and set me up for the interview for the temp job.

This makes me feel so much better and so even if I don't get that perm job, this other temp job would help take the pressure off and it's something specific that I've done quite a bit of at my old job so I should get it.

And it's just so nice to be wanted by two places! *GRIN*

12:43 PM
Working for a Living EEEEEEKKKKK!

Woke up with a horrendously tight neck and shoulders and a knot of pain above my left eye. I'd had all these weird dreams about *huge* spider webs and also about Alias! Except I was in the mom role but when Sidney was a child and she was a boy and not named Sidney :) and Jack was the traitor, leaving us behind to go to Russia before he was caught. And it was all convoluted and messy and I was trying to stop him and I think Vaughn was there but grown up like in the show and trying to help me stop Jack.

So I took a Fiorinal and read Kristen's reminder to send the email (I love reminders, I couldn't live without them! :)) I waited a bit because I felt so groggy and then I tried calling and all I got were all these non-helpful menus and so I gave up and called the agency and explained what I wanted and she said great idea! and gave me his email address.

I drafted something up and read it to Mom and she loved it and I sent it! So now the meds have kicked in and I feel better for having sent the email, like I have a bit of control over the process. That's a really big thing for me, feeling like I have some control. I don't want to be a boss so I don't want all the control, just some, just enough to not feel completely powerless.

And I just got a call from the agency, they had sent over a couple other people to interview and one of them said he said it would be a three day work week until they got the new surgery center up and running and the agency person wanted to know if he'd said anything to me about that and I said no, in fact he made it sound like I'd be doing some extra work so he could focus on the new surgery center. But three day work weeks for awhile would be okay with me, the money would still be enough that I could pay my bills, as long as it became full time later, I'd be fine with it (and truthfully easing back into full time work that way would be great for me, it's going to be a huge adjustment for me to go from being home most of the time to working five days a week all of a sudden...)

But one good bit of info, it looks like he talked to me the longest so far and in the most detail, everyone else had short interviews, 15 to 20 minutes and I was there at least 30 minutes.

And he said he's making a decision THIS AFTERNOON!!!! EEEEEEKKKKKK!

God, I want this job and I won't take no for answer, God, do you hear me? :)

July 09, 2003  ::  Wednesday

05:48 PM
Working for a Living Mostly Good News

The interview went well, they had me fill out these forms with all my resume info again and then when we went into the interview, he asked for my resume! What happened to the one that the agency gave him? For all that I was so excited and up for this, I was nervous at the beginning of the interview but I think it went well, I remembered to be quiet and listen as well as talk but also not to ramble on too much. I liked him, he's young, 30-ish but he reminds me a bit of my two favorite bosses in his approach to work and stuff and so I think we'd work well together.

And I really want this job, I have all the skills they want, I like him, I think I could work with him really well and he talked to me longer than two of the other interviews (the woman that he interviewed while I filled out the forms was only in there 15-20 minutes and the agency said someone else they sent over only got about 15 minutes) and he wants someone "mature" (hey, I can do that! I'm mature! :)) but ever since the end of the interview, I've been really depressed because I feel certain they won't hire me, there's no real rational reason for this, I just suddenly had this feeling after I left that I wouldn't get the job.

So I'm bummed out because it seems like a really good job and I want it. I want it because it looks good and because I want to be able to pay bills. Since yesterday, I've been thinking about what I could do with that kind of money, pay off what my stepdad lent me, pay my rent on time, buy an air conditioner, buy some new clothes, pay my bills ahead, it would be such a relief.


He said they'd make a decision probably by Friday, so if I get it, I guess I'll be nicely surprised because I feel sure I'm not going to get it.

My brother and I are going to see Matrix Reloaded tonight...

July 08, 2003  ::  Tuesday

03:34 PM
Working for a Living bouncebouncebounce

I have a job interview!!! Tomorrow, 10 am, and it sounds like a good one, it's for a doctor who has a bunch of other businesses, they're looking for an accountant/bookkeeper to handle the various other businesses. It sounds like a good sized office, they have a "Director of Operations", although maybe that's just a fancy title for Office Manager. :) They've been trying to fill the position since January, they've had four different bookkeepers so they're looking for someone who'll stick around which isn't a problem for me, I've only worked four places in 25 years, 13 years at my last place and 8 years at the one before that. And it's temp to perm so it gives us both a chance to check each other out and they're looking for someone to start immediately!

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