February 15, 2006  ::  Wednesday

11:12 AM
Rants & Whines pith

I have a headache...

January 21, 2006  ::  Saturday

08:03 PM
Rants & Whines Not Boring

Sufi Dancer in Cairo. Not my picture, found it in the Flickr Blog, Flickr staff picks interesting/good stuff and posts it there, afaik. Click on the pic of the dancer to go to the photographer's Flickr page and see more from Egypt.

*pout* I want to live someplace where they do interesting things. Houston is boring. (And no, it's not just because I've lived here forever and I take things for granted, I know other cities well enough to know they *aren't* boring.) (I need to do like Lisa and start planning to live *somewhere else*, doesn't have to be abroad, just somewhere other than *here*.)

March 03, 2005  ::  Thursday

10:26 PM
Rants & Whines I'm pissed, I'm tired, I'm mad...

I'm pissed, I'm tired, I'm angry at my brother for being the chowder headed dunce that he is and not speaking to me for the last month because of something his wife did that he's transferred the blame to, I'm tired of spammers, I'm tired of cleaning up messes from people who can't pay attention to what they're doing or ask a simple question before they do it, I'm tired of idiot people who tell me a file is really really small, only 7k when it turns out to 7 meg, you dunce! and I'm tired of trying to make sense of a nonsense error messages and not being able to find any info about nonsense error messages and stupid websites that make it difficult to impossible to navigate from one part of their site to another when it's as simple as putting a bloody link on the page and the site in question is a web technology company who should know fucking better, I'm pissed at having to constantly turn off and curtail features because of stupid spammers, I'm nervous about the job I start Monday which they haven't called to confirm today like they said they would and it's a crappy hole in the wall place to work that might turn into a permanent job which I desperately need and while the guy I'd work for seems nice enough and organized, it's a thirty minute toll road away every single day to a really barren part of town where Sonic, McDonalds and IHop are considered haute cuisine (not that I demand a four star restaurant but just something more than that, there's not even a decent grocery store with a good deli in the area) and no particular good prospects and while I'd only stay a year or so till I build up my webhosting and other self-employed work, it could turn out to be a very long uncomfortable year, I'm short of money for paying my bills, I slept crappy last night and missed getting out on my bike, I'm tired of search pages that don't have a simple "go" button so I can click instead of having to go back to the keyboard to hit the enter key, I'm mad that the stupid DVR missed taping the very first ep of L&O Trial by Jury, especially since I managed to catch the last fifteen minutes and that part was good and so I'm really mad I missed the other 45 minutes and I'm mad that NBC who reruns the other three L&O shows over and over is not rerunning the pilot ep of this brand new show!!!! I'm probably PMSing too and I'm tired of that too!


I think I'll have some Hagen-Daaz chocolate ice cream and say fuck'em all for tonight. Sigh.

Jason [March 4, 2005 05:22 AM] Well dang, you just need a vacation where you can be pampered :) Hope the new job goes well and good luck!

Speak to me

March 02, 2005  ::  Wednesday

07:34 PM
Rants & Whines I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Dammit, now with all this bloody talk of ice cream, I have to have some! Even tho it's wretched wet and cold outside, I have to have some. Off to the store I go.

June 12, 2004  ::  Saturday

07:24 PM
Music· Politico· Rants & Whines More RIAA Whining

From CNN: Music biz seeks digital radio limits (06/11/04 13:58 PM, EDT)
Digital radio broadcasts that bring CD-quality sound to the airwaves could lead to unfettered song copying if protections are not put in place, a recording-industry trade group warned Friday. Read the full story

This just leaves me speechless...you know, we could solve the RIAA's problem, we could just not ever listen to music again. This is so stupid! As all the other stupid stuff they've done, suing kids and having them parade around in commercials parroting the RIAA-authored dialog about how they're so glad they're not stealing music anymore.

Sheesh. I sure hope the digital radio people don't get beaten down by the RIAA into providing lower quality sound. As for me, I'm back to boycotting buying CDs again. I'll stick to buying direct from the artists or stealing it, call it civil disobedience against the Ashcroft-style maneuvers of the RIAA Nazis, I say fuck'em.

April 09, 2004  ::  Friday

11:52 PM
Rants & Whines Steal dat house!

Someone please, anyone please, steal that stupid house where the alarm keeps going off for the last three, no FOUR hours! The cops have been there, it's a false alarm, it has stopped a couple times, only to start up again a few minutes later. It's probably an inside motion detector and they left that cat inside (who's gone stark raving bonkers by now).

Steal dat house!

July 01, 2003  ::  Tuesday

11:03 AM
Rants & Whines Adventures with children

On an age restricted list I help run:

Female person immediately uploads story to list archive which has red text warnings at top and bottom that it's for members only. I don't recognize her address, check list membership, not there, I delete her story and email her to let her know she needs to join the list first before uploading her stories.

She requests to join, gets the automated form asking for an age statement and emails back:

"what's an age statement?"

I explain that it's just a statement of how old she is, like "I am __ years old", something like that.

She emails back, "I am 15. Now am I part of the list so I can submit my story?"

I explain that I'm sorry but the group is for adults only, for people 18 and over and I reject her pending membership.

She replies, "Why not?? I sent an age statement!"

(I didn't happen to check the group's admin email address so I didn't see that reply for a couple weeks.)

Two weeks later, she requests to join the list with another email address (different AOL screen name but using the same particular capitalization method) and uploads another story, listing her same name, original address for feedback and new address as subscribed. I delete her story.

I see she's in pending again and I check the group admin address, see her "Why not?!" and tell her *again* that the group is for adults, that means 18 and over and since she's under 18, she can't join and she can't upload stories either. I reject her membership and ban both her email addresses.

(alice pauses to see what the young lady will do next....)

I've decided that I like the age statement requirement, not really for the point of keeping out people under 18, because I know there's plenty of fifteen and sixteen and seventeen year olds who are more mature than some thirty and forty year olds (myself included at times) but it's more of a mental maturity check. If someone is mentally mature, they'll usually be savvy enough to say they're 18 or older and get to join the group. If they're not that mature yet, then they won't.

And does anyone know of any Harry Potter archives that I could recommend to this person to upload her story? It's gen so it needn't be an adult HP archive. I guess she's just really antsy about putting her story on the net somewhere, she doesn't seem interested in the list at all. I can send her the link to fanfiction.net, but some HP archives where she could upload her story would be good too.

June 28, 2003  ::  Saturday

10:14 AM
Rants & Whines Writer's Cramp

I'm now grading employment agencies on the amount of handwritten forms they want me to fill out, extra points off if it's duplicating info that's in my resume and more points off if the form asks open-ended questions like "why did you leave?" and then gives me one inch of space to answer.

The agency on Thursday was the worst, wanted 15 pages, front *and* back, filled out, lots of questions with no space to answer and duplicating everything on my resume which they'd already had me email them in a Word document and I'd done that before the interview. After all that work, then they tell me that I needed to go to a different office that handled the accounting jobs, they said they'd courier my forms over to the other office, no problem. Then I call the other office (like they told me to) to make an appointment for the next day and they say that they won't get the forms until Tuesday! Sheesh, what courier are they using, slow boat to China?

June 27, 2003  ::  Friday

12:16 PM
Rants & Whines Dodo sightings!

Dodo sightings! You just thought this creature was extinct, not me, I come in contact with it regularly, I've begun a tagging program to track their migration. :)

dodo: "...it is certainly a breach of the Netiquette, policy as distributed by Google Groups before they were taken over by Yahoo Groups."

me: "err, no, Google Groups has nothing to do with Yahoogroups, two separate companies, neither was taken over. Yahoo bought *eGroups*, not Google Groups. Google Groups is usenet newsgroup postings, totally different thing, goes back years before mailing lists. And Yahoo isn't obligated to any guidelines or netiquette that eGroups had anyways."

Dodo's response was to tell me I'm wrong because he started a group at Google and it was now at Yahoo. (I dunno what he did at Google but he sure didn't start a Yahoogroup.) He's an Aussie so he speaks English (and I've always found Aussies to be intelligent folk, some of my best friends are Aussies! :)), but I guess he figures anything with the word "group" in it must all be connected and run by the same people...

The overall topic was crossposting, he was pissed that he'd hit "reply all" to a message that was crossposted and he didn't notice that his reply would go to tons of groups he's not a member of and he's getting all these bounces now.

His last brilliant comment was:

"Only ignorant people cross post"


June 26, 2003  ::  Thursday

08:13 AM
Rants & Whines I want!

I want to go back to bed!

June 16, 2003  ::  Monday

09:15 PM
Rants & Whines Too many

Too many nasty noisy hateful people in the world. They should just be quiet. Stupid Janet. You are soooooo wrong! I'd tell you to your face but you don't listen to anyone but yourself so there's no point, but you're still WRONG! Wrong, Wrong, WRONG!

May 27, 2003  ::  Tuesday

10:31 PM
Rants & Whines god. write in English

>> all ur scenes r sum of my fave scenes also!!!!
> god. write in English

god. I am pretty damn old cause I agree with that. write in English.

I come from the old school, the one where the nuns would not only rap ur nukels bloody for that kind of spelling, they'd make you stand in the corner for an hour, too.

But I suspect that before I die, that kind of phonetic shorthand will become the standard, that people will perceive it as too much trouble to learn to spell or write properly. Everything is based on a 30 second attention span these days, why should we spend more than 30 seconds on spelling and reading and writing?

Roger Daltrey had it right, "I hope I die before I get old"...or at least before that sort of atrocious style of communication becomes commonplace. What's really sad is that misspelled line at the top was probably written by a college or high school student who learned online communication in chat rooms and now it's spread into his/her speech in other online forums (it was posted to a mailing list I'm on) and it won't be long before it spreads to the rest of his/her written communications.

I can deal with plain old spelling mistakes (although it makes my fingers itch to edit them out :)) and plain old grammar mistakes, then/than, etc., but this phonetic shorthand is a deliberate thing, not just people who can't spell and that's what irks me so much. I grew up reading books and learned that language, not the four-syllable stuff, the ordinary everyday language, can be a beautiful thing, it can create whole worlds in our heads and inspire us to be more than we are. It's an amazing thing, language and I hate to see it trashed.


And that rant leads me to the word of the day:

segue, pronounced: SEG-way: To proceed without interruption; to make a smooth transition.

Does that pronunciation spelling look familiar? It should, it's the name of that people-mover thing that's selling for a couple thousand on Amazon.com. The name of it should have been "Segue", only the marketing people took a look at that and said "see-gooey? What the heck's that?" and after someone explained the proper pronunciation and definition, the marketroids said, "The average consumer is too stupid to know that, we have to spell it like it's pronounced or they won't buy our product!"

Sheesh. This dumbing-down is why so many Americans think that the United Kingdom is Disneyland. We used to expect more of ourselves, now we expect nothing and so we get even less.

One last thing, do me favor, go learn a new word, any word as long as it's one you didn't know before. Go to Dictionary.com and type in anything to find a new word you didn't know. Or use the thesaurus link there to look up a word you know, then look up the synonyms for it. Just expand your vocabulary by one word and you'll make me happy!

February 06, 2003  ::  Thursday

09:48 PM
Rants & Whines alice's terribly bad, horrible no-good day

Yesterday, I ran around all day but the worst of the financial stuff got taken care of so I came home tired but figuring I could go to bed early and sleep and then today I could relax a little, do up my resume, make some appointments with the temp agencies, get the appointment with the shrink for a new drug, do a couple errands, get the laundry done, color my hair since the hair cut turned out great and then settle in to watch my favorite Thursday sitcoms and ER.

First I sleep badly, waking up a bunch of times for various reasons, by 6:30 I have a nasty headache at the base of my skull from a muscle spasm in my neck, I toss and turn a bit more, I finally get up. I go out into the living room and find that one of the cats has pooped and peed on the couch. Lugging pillows off, taking off covers, soaking it in the shower, hauling it out to the laundry room, all of which does absolutely nothing to help my neck and head. And I only have one muscle relaxer left and this kind of spasm takes at least two to get rid of it.

So I rearrange stuff on the couch, throw some blankets over the empty half, shove the stuff I usually have on the other cushion (mouse and pad for second computer, remotes, coaster for drinks, etc.) in various places, everything's out of kilter and I feel crappy. I muddle about for a bit, get something to eat and some coffee to make sure I don't get a migraine on top of it all. And it's cold and raining and when I went out to the laundry room I was wearing my just washed and cleaned slippers and now (in spite of the rubber soles), they're all wet inside and I can't wear them and my feet are freezing and the cats are walking all over me cause they don't have their usual place to lay down (and getting no sympathy from me since it's one of them's fault in the first place).

Then my webhost decides to screw up mail. Their server starts giving the "cannot find owner for this domain" when I try to pop mail. This is on the domain where I host 100+ email accounts for other people. And the only email account I can connect to is the default one for the domain and suddenly mail for everyone is dumping into the default account, what the hell???

Support answers and oh great, it's Abbott and Costello playing who's on first with me aka Max and Fred who always ask for the same info that I just gave them and never fix anything. Sheesh. No, I don't want to disable the default account, that will just make all this mail bounce. We did this last october, remember? You two guys, the same responses from them and it didn't work then so it won't work now, this is something wrong in your server, go fix it. I want the mail delivered to the perfectly valid email addresses that it was sent to. This is now a big problem and it's going on for over two hours and I've got 150 emails in the default account, go look at them.

The mail error finally stopped after about three hours but mailing lists are still broken, the support guys disappeared. I guess I'll try posting before I go to bed and see if I can get lucky and get Dave the intelligent common sense guy who fixes everything right away without asking stupid questions. Yes I do realize that support at any place is a very difficult job and usually I have nothing but kudos for people who do that work but I'm not kidding about Abbott and Costello, I swear those two are doing it for kicks and sitting back laughing like that vid someone put on the net.

Then I turned on my second computer to let it to do the automatic backups with FTP Voyager and what do I get, "FTPVoyagerShed error, close, details". Reboot, same thing, reinstall the damn program.

And the pillow is still drying in the shower, I need to get the covers out of the dryer, I didn't get anything done, I called in a refill of my muscle relaxer but the doctor didn't get the approval there so I couldn't pick it up this evening, my headache only went away about an hour ago so I never got the calls done or my resume done or the errands or the rest of the laundry and I was too tired an distracted trying to figure out the mail problem so I never got to watch the shows I wanted to see and I know things could be much worse but it's still a terribly bad, horrible no-good day.

January 09, 2003  ::  Thursday

03:07 PM
Rants & Whines Leave me alone!

Nahh, not you, just this goofy person who never makes much sense on a list we're both on (not in fandom, technical help list elsewhere) and now she's including me in private bcc's of stuff that a) I'm not interested in and b) would more properly be posted on the list. When I politely point out that it would be better posted to the list so more people would know about it, she gets pissy.

I just want to scream "leave me the fuck alone!" at her, she does this every so often, emails me off list, gets me entangled in some argument of her own making in which she always takes affront no matter how far I bend over backwards to be polite to her. And then she mumbles some crap about language differences being the problem. She's in the UK! And I do understand about UK English being different than American English and the different culture and all that but I know quite a few people in the UK, heck I'm an Anglophile at heart and it's not a language/culture problem, this woman is just plain nutso! She wanders off on tangents, makes a point of misunderstanding people (even her fellow UK citizens), whines to me about how people are being mean (I'm a co-listowner and the other list owner is mostly AWOL) and then gets mad at me when I carefully and politely explain that the other person wasn't talking about her or being rude and she needs to take things less personally.

And I have cramps and a muscle spasm in my neck and I feel crappy and I just wish she'd leave me the fuck alone!
(there, just taught the Live Journal client some new words, pissy, fuck, nutso... :))

Whine #2: wahhhhh! LiveJournal is doing maintenance in the middle of the fricking day and won't let me post this entry there!!!!

December 23, 2002  ::  Monday

07:17 PM
Rants & Whines Whine and Moan

Whine. How come the TV Guide (two of them!) say that A Christmas Carol with Dominic West and Patrick Stuart is supposed to be on TNT right now and instead there's a stupid Law & Order rerun???? Wahhhhhhhhhh!

And 10 people on LJ like me, they really like me! I guess the bird story was a good thing to start with, believe me, the rest of my life is nowhere near as interesting. :-)
(and interestingly, I can friend myself...so I like me, I really like me! )

December 19, 2002  ::  Thursday

03:15 PM
Internet· Rants & Whines Color Me Not Impressed

Color Me Not Impressed. I wandered across a friend's LJ which is fully friends-locked to keep out her family and I figured what the heck, I'll break down and get an LJ, if only to read hers. And since I like to customize things, I figure I'll pop for five bucks for two months of a paid account, it's a small amount, I get some perks, if I don't end up using it, I can let it lapse to a free account after two months and still be able to access her LJ.

I give them my money. I get a confirmation from Paypal and an LJ page that says Thank You! Your account creation code will be sent within a minute.

I check my mail. No code. I wait. I check my mail. No code. I wait some more. I check my mail. No code.

After 30 minutes, I click on an LJ email address from the Paypal receipt and from the thank you page and send off an email with the Paypal verification stuff and that I didn't get an account creation code. I get back an autoreply with a link to my ticket in the support area at LJ.

That was four hours ago. No code, no reply to my ticket. Color Me Not Impressed. Yeah, it's only five bucks and yeah sometimes internet stuff isn't immediate but don't tell me it is if it's not and I know it's only been four hours, but their site also makes a big deal about how their paid customers get such faster access and all that. I checked their status page and their news page, no reports of any problems on their end, my mail is all coming thru fine.

So :-ppppppppp Not Impressed.

November 30, 2002  ::  Saturday

09:27 PM
Rants & Whines Don't mess with the grumpy lady

Hi, my name is Grumpy!Alice and I'll be your host tonight. I've been dealing with twits all day and I'm not a Happy Camper so all you Shiny Happy People just line up over there and I'll introduce you to Smith & Wesson. -evilgrin-

Let's see, so far there's been the technical twit:
"It works fine for me, I don't know why it doesn't work for you."
Well, isn't that just speshul? I'm so happy for you, now fix the damn thing right.

The avid reader twit:
"Hey there's no new stories! You haven't updated the archive in a long time, get some new stories up!"
Sure, I have a couple hundred to upload, say, that sounded like you volunteered to help out, right?

The other avid reader twit:
"This story won't load, will you get that fixed."
Sure, I'll be happy to drop everything and do your smallest bidding! (The story in question was deleted at the author's request so they could upload a revised version only they haven't uploaded it yet, sorry charlie.)

Clueless AOL list member twit:
"I joined your list but it's not on MyGroups page and I couldn't open your list rules, can you send them in plain text?"
Well, if you join by email sub request, your ID isn't linked to your membership so Yahoo can't list it on your MyGroups page, maybe if you clicked on that "Don't see all your groups here?" link, you could get it linked. And once you do that, you can read the list rules in the Files area cause I ain't sending them again, they *were* sent in plain text, AOL must have chewed on them.

Addendum to clueless AOL list member twit:
She decided to post to the list immediately and picks out a message about a supposed official message from Yahoo. She quotes *my* note as listowner that the supposed offical message is a hoax and then she asks, "is this a hoax?"
I can tell she's going to be a joy to have on the list. Ack.

Funniest (NOT) line from technical twit:
"You sure know alot about Cpanel, don't you?"

Then there was wretched FTP Voyager which I absolutely adore *when* it works but when it decides not to, it's an absolute fucking bitch to fix. And its little habit of downloading a folder as new instead of the files inside it drives me batty because I end up with /archive/archive/ and nothing's in the right place to upload to the mirror site! Ack.

I want to be a cat, I want to pad around on soft kitty paws and sleep in front of the space heater, all warm and furry and chew on a catnip toy and sleep on the down comforter on the bed....

November 08, 2002  ::  Friday

12:35 AM
Internet· Rants & Whines Rules, schmules...

Rule #1: If it's fucking working, don't fuck with it.

Rule #2: If it's fucking working, don't fuck with it.

Rule #3: If it's fucking working, don't fuck with it.

After two hours of much frustration, I finally have Mozilla working again with the right theme, Multizilla installed and my bookmarks back in place. I've lost all my website logins but I can redo most of those (mostly) fairly easily.

Next time someone asks me how to do something in a particular program, if I'm not already using that program or that feature in the program, I'm not mucking about with it! They can go figure it out themselves.

October 26, 2002  ::  Saturday

09:56 PM
Rants & Whines Pet Peeves

Pet peeves on the loose...

AOL members who are too selfish or stupid to unsubscribe from mailing lists and instead block the list address so that AOL shouts at me, "XXXX IS NOT ACCEPTING MAIL FROM THIS SENDER". Makes me want to ban all AOL users from EVER emailing me or joining my lists or accessing my websites. I don't care if you don't want mail from me, you don't have to get it, you can unsub, you can delete, but AOL's absolutely asinine insistence on shouting out rudely that you're blocking me is just stupid. If I don't want mail from a list, I either unsub or filter it to trash, why does AOL have to persist in being so nasty? Every other personal filter in every other mail program just deletes. And believe me, spammers do NOT read those AOL notices so it doesn't help a damn bit there, it just annoys the hell out of the rest of us who were sending perfectly legitimate mail.

Me forgetting to put a single backslash in front of the @ sign in the style sheet import, thereby rendering all my lovely formatting totally unavailable and so I spent a hair-ripping-out hour trying to figure out why it wouldn't work.

Otoh, Rainmaker was on tonight and since I've gotten over my loathing of Matt Damon and gotten somewhat obsessed, that's been good. :)

And little miss AOLer who couldn't be bothered to unsub? You'll have to find some other address to email me if you ever have a question about my websites or want to join my lists because I stuck you in my spam filter.

October 21, 2002  ::  Monday

12:23 PM
Rants & Whines Beware, lunatic on the loose

WHY DOES THE STUPID ROADRUNNER ALWAYS HAVE TO CRASH AT NIGHT???? At the time that I'm usually trying to get stuff done, that I need to ftp and check pages. It works just fine all day, but then gives up and crashes for hours on and off, so sometimes I can get and sometimes I can't and I'm trying to upload one fucking file and it just refuses to complete!!!!! #$%#$%#$#$%#@@#%@#

And I don't want to hear it from Apple users, this is not a Windows problem, Roadrunner is using Unix servers and this is the third time this week they've been down. After having such a good record for two years, they're busy ruining it in a hurry. So if Linux/Unix/anything other than Windows is so great, why does it break so much????

And if I hear one more frikking obnoxious commercial, I'm going to throw a brick at the TV. Don't they understand that the reason the audience is dropping for the networks is because they've deluged us with commercials??? At least five full minutes of commercials at every break and most of them loud and stupid.

October 18, 2002  ::  Friday

07:23 PM
Rants & Whines It's a catastrophe!

It's a catastrophe! The company that makes the only type of jeans that fit me right is shutting down! On the news tonight, Lee/Wrangler is closing down all its factories. :( I need to run to JC Penney's this weekend and buy out their stock! My mother laughed at me, she just doesn't understand how important this is!

And I need a new category for Very Important Things. :)

October 13, 2002  ::  Sunday

10:43 AM
Internet· Observatorium· Rants & Whines Grump

I am in such a bad mood this morning. I just want to sit here and cry. I'm so tired of dealing with jerks and so frustrated. And I'm probably PMSing which doesn't help any. And it's a gorgeous day! (My definition of gorgeous, overcast, breezy and getting cooler as the front blows in!) Which makes me even more pissed off and frustrated because all these jerks around me are distracting me so I can't really enjoy it.

Something did cross my mind last night, about why I like websites and hosting so much, it's the instant gratification. At least once an account is all set up and it's working, it's fairly instant. Once can change something, add an email address, a subdomain, a forward, a spam block, or delete them in a flash. The frustration comes when they break down or when a change has to be made by the people at the webhost, then it can become a time-consuming venture occupying days. But otherwise, when things are running (and webhosts aren't upgrading/breaking things), it's instant gratification.

And I am so tired of talking to techs. I'm sure they're all heartily sick of me too, I'd be more than happy to leave them alone but it's their servers that break or they do upgrades that break other stuff so I end up talking to them. I just want them to fix it and then leave the damn servers alone!

If stupid WHN would just give me the access info for the new domain, I'd be off their backs in a flash and go work on my new website and leave their lazy asses alone. But since they've decided to be jerks and basically lock me out of my account, I'm going to pester them because I can't make any announcements about the new email or site until they give me access and then I'll still have to wait three or four days for the DNS to settle.

Xeran, otoh, my original and current webhost for my first domain, I haven't talked to them in literally over a year, except to change my billing my annual to monthly which they did promptly. I haven't filed a trouble ticket in 18 months or more. The drawback is that they don't offer as many features or as much webspace as the other two webhosts but they also have less problems because they don't offer all that extra stuff and they don't do upgrades every week so things just work and work and work and work...which is why I keep hanging on to them, because it *works*.

And there's nothing on TV! (humming 57 channels and nothing on...)

October 11, 2002  ::  Friday

03:50 PM
Internet· Rants & Whines Being anal

I guess it's a good thing I'm so anal and that I keep *everything*. After signing up a mere four months ago at WHN, now when I want to change the domain on my account there, they're unable to find my account including my payment for a full year of hosting even tho I'm talking to the OWNER of the company and he's the one WHO SET UP MY ACCOUNT and handled the Paypal payment four months ago.


This would be yet another reason why my primary domains are not hosted there anymore. I'm only trying to get a secondary domain set up there so I can at least use the gig of space and 30 gig of bandwidth for the remaining 8 months that are already paid for.

Sheesh. These people really piss me off. Screw up email, dismiss the problem as being all in my head (I finally determined on my own that it was a cpanel bug), screw up other stuff, days later ask what the problem was again? Disappear for two months, leaving their paying customers with broken sites and email and all they can say is tough luck, we're going moose hunting. And then the owner has the nerve to accuse other people of being unprofessional. The man doesn't know how to run a garbage dump in a civilized manner.

October 09, 2002  ::  Wednesday

01:50 PM
Internet· Observatorium· Rants & Whines Who is that blob and why should I care?

A continuation of yesterday's rant on LiveJournals...

All those icons on the LJ pages and especially the comments pages is really distracting, half the time, I'm trying to figure out who the heck is in the icon cause it's big enough to notice but not big enough to really make out anything and half the time it's some original or anime character that I wouldn't know anyway. Oh yeah, what was that you were saying?

Which is the point of the LJ or blog, right? To talk? But there's all this gunk all over and I can't get to the words.

LJ starts off with a black mark from me anyway because you have to *know* someone, you have toget a code to get in and that kind of exclusivity on the net, which is all about inclusiveness, about being open and available to all, just really bugs the hell out of me. It's not that I can't get a code, I've had various opportunities to get one but I refuse, I don't care if everyone in the world gets an LJ and makes everything private, I refuse, it reminds me of all the worst things of high schools, the cliques and so on. I refuse to perpetuate that kind of idea, that kind of segregation, of mean-spiritedness, of "I'm in and you're out, nyah-nyah-nyah". And it is perpetuated at LJ, thru the codes and the "friends" list and it matters to people if they're on someone's friends list and if they're taken off, they get all these hurt feelings. Why do people deliberately do this? This is high school junk, judging ourselves as good or worthless based on whose friends list we're on. It was dumb back then and it's even dumber now when we're mostly older and should know better.

And then there's the really boring templates, so many of the sites are exactly the same, slightly different colors but all the same bland layout. Apparently you can't change the template without upgrading to the pay version of LJ so it's all this conformity thing like the Pep Squad uniforms. Yeesh.

I'm just generally grumpy today, so you should just generally never mind me. The weather sucks, stupid stuff from the gulf chock full of humidity has kept us in a sauna and pushed that promised cool front to the north and so it's just icky. And this kind of weather really affects me, especially since I hold my breath all summer and try not to bitch too much and wait for the fall and it's freaking October and there's no fucking fall.

So never mind me.

October 08, 2002  ::  Tuesday

10:20 PM
Internet· Rants & Whines Who is Lance Bass and why should I care?

I guess I'm just old. Or just too much of a 60's rock n' roll baby. I wander thru various LiveJournals of people I know from the net, mostly fanfic authors, and they're cluttered with all these teen pop guys for icons. And it just really colors my impression of the LJ before I've even read a word. I dunno, I don't really have anything much against pop, it's just that it's, well, it's pop. By definition, it's fluff, it's lightweight, it's cutesy, like the bands that make it. It's good music for a club, to dance to but otherwise, I need *real* music, the kind that saved my soul and helped me survive adolescence and still helps me survive life every day.

And it's weird to find authors and other fen that I know from their stories that are serious and strong and so incredibly good and they're listening to something I classify as so lightweight. It's just kind of freaky...

October 05, 2002  ::  Saturday

06:08 PM
Internet· Rants & Whines Blinkity-blink-blink

Whinemoanrant. Everyone knows the html attribute is bad, right? So why would someone make the site nav menu BLINK????

There oughta be a law...

October 03, 2002  ::  Thursday

11:02 AM
Internet· Rants & Whines· Weather Take two and call me in the morning

While everything is now fixed at the webhost (thank god!), all that stress got my back all tense again and I have to help my brother move tomorrow. And we apparently aren't going to get a speck of rain from that hurricane, dang it, my yard and plants really need it. I've managed to avoid watering all summer, every time it got really dry, some rain would come along just in the nick of time but it looks like I'm going to have to give in and drag out the hoses and sprinklers after all.

October 02, 2002  ::  Wednesday

04:56 PM
Internet· Rants & Whines SCREAMMMMMMM!

Arrrgghhhhh! After hours of going back and forth with tech support, now they seem to be telling me it's that I need to pay for an optional feature! But if that's the case why did it work just fine until yesterday???? Why did it work at all? Or did you (webhost) make a change in your hosting packages to existing customers and reduce the service they signed up for? Uh-huh, big fat no-no. I don't care about $5/month but you don't pull a bait and switch.

Yeesh. I need to go out and run around the block or something, too much stress, first they won't believe that there is a problem, so I spend HOURS testing and sending them info which then they ask for again since apparently they haven't paid any attention to the fact that I've already given them that info THREE times, then they tell me it's cause I need to pay for an extra feature.

Yeesh. I had a migraine yesterday, I really don't need another one today.

Addendum: Thankfully, they've shown themselves to be a good company, they were wrong in what they told me and it does appear to be a CPanel problem which they are looking into. So now it's back to waiting and testing and waiting...

September 28, 2002  ::  Saturday

12:51 PM
Internet· Rants & Whines Speaking my mind

So I'm wandering around some blogs and I happen on Globe of Blogs and I register my two blogs and then wander into the webrings page. I open a bunch of rings in different tabs and one of them is Brutally Honest for bloggers that speak their mind and I'm about to speak my mind about this asinine page.

I read this small dense paragraph which the author has deliberately set the line height below the norm so the lines are all scrunched together, making it hard for the reader to decipher it. What is this obsession with scrunching lines of text together??? I saw this a couple months ago on a bunch of Lord of the Rings fansites but I figured it was just an LotR phenomenom but here it is again. THE POINT OF A BLOG OR WEBSITE IS COMMUNICATION, PEOPLE. If you're going to make it deliberately difficult for people to read your blog or site, why bother to put it on the net???? (Afterthought: Upon wandering thru the top level domain site, it appears the author is an LotR fan so I guess that's where she got the line scrunching from but it's still a stupid thing.)

But anyway, I decipher the thing, it says in bold, "read the rules," so I look for a link to the rules, I look for ANY links on the page and can only find one invisible one after "This site is part of (blank area)" that leads to the main domain. So I view source and discover that the idiot author is using PNGs for all the images which are not viewable in Mozilla, only in IE. And for the icing on the cake, the author has set all links to WHITE (the page has a WHITE background) with some sort of "glow" filter which is black. Only this filter thing isn't standard or else it's not working because there's no DocType on the page at all. So in Mozilla, all the links are white on white, rendering them utterly invisible.


Some people should not be allowed near an html editor or an ftp program or even Notepad!

Some of the rules on this ridiculous site:
- you need to know some sense of webdesign
- i will read through your logs to see what you write
- no typing like ThIs AnD cRaP <== it's annoying!!
- need to know a little HTML


I'll be brutally honest and say this author's design is ANNOYING and he/she needs to learn a little MORE html, including something about standards compliance and accessibility in ALL browsers. And that "i will read through your logs to see what you write", what, is she going to grade what I say? Is she going to tell me I'm not being brutally honest?

More oddities, the title on the page has rows and rows of non-breaking spaces at the end of it. Also from the site:

      Do not take any edited graphics, HTML or ideas from this site without written consent.

Take her ideas??? Don't worry, honey, the only idea I'm taking from your site is what NOT to do when designing a page.

I'm outa here.

September 19, 2002  ::  Thursday

01:10 AM
Fandom· Internet· Movies· Rants & Whines The Movies! and jerks

We're going to the movies! My brother and me, to see Signs tomorrow, well today now. I haven't been in a few months and I wanted to see this one when it came out in August. I love the movies, something about sitting in a big dark theatre with the big screen and faces 30 feet tall, there's nothing like it at home.

Change of topic: Whaddya wanna bet that I get flamed by the idiot who keeps posting pics to a listowner technical help list? He started doing these massive crosspostings on 9/11. I let three of them (with large multiple attachments) go past and finally I asked the listowner on list *politely* if this was acceptable. The listowner said it really wasn't, that the list was for technical stuff, announcements about problems with the mailing lists or questions about them, not general chat. The idiot replied to my post that he sent them by mistake (three times? yeah right) and that maybe *I* really needed them.

Now he's started again, posting another pic to the list tonight along with another bunch of lists and I *politely* asked him not to do that again, pointing out that it is off topic and not appropriate and that some list members have problems with attachments and asking that he be considerate of them. I'm sure he'll flame me, he probably figures I'm some prude who doesn't like pics of naked men (which is what he posted). Hah! He probably doesn't know that I run slash archives all over the place.

alice ttlg [September 20, 2002 04:03 PM] I should add that the pic poster apologized and offered to unsub and I said thanks and that he didn't need to do that, no flames involved. :)

alice ttlg [September 28, 2002 01:45 PM] We never did make it to the movies, but we're planning to go tomorrow, see a doubleheader, City by the Sea and Signs.

Speak to me

September 14, 2002  ::  Saturday

12:43 AM
Internet· Rants & Whines Ick

I hate spammers. It just punches all my buttons to see a spam pop up in one of my primary addresses, it's like vandals coming in my house and spray painting profanity on the walls. I know I shouldn't take it that seriously but it just bugs the piss out of me.

September 06, 2002  ::  Friday

11:33 PM
Rants & Whines· TV Double Dammit!

And double dammit! After all my whining about not changing the channel at 10pm for Third Watch, I went to get the tape from the bedroom and remembered that it's not on tonight! Only Monday thru Thursday so there's nothing to watch on the tape even.

I think the whole tropical storm thing is a fake, now it's stopped raining here entirely! ;)

10:37 PM
Rants & Whines· TV· Weather But not really...

But not really, it's just dribs and drabs, barely rain here although they keep showing all these pics of rain drenching Galveston but it's not here yet. It's really quite funny, they keep showing this radar weather map with all this GREEN right where I live but there's NO rain here! Of course, after all my whining, it'll probably flood here tomorrow and I didn't go to the grocery store and I really need milk....

And dammit! I keep forgetting to change the channel at 10pm to watch Third Watch and I end up halfway thru the news and realized I've missed the first 15 or 30 minutes so now I have to wait and get the tape when it's done! And Monday and Tuesday next week is reruns, you can bet that I will remember those nights only to remember that it's 4th season eps I've already seen three times. Dammit.


September 04, 2002  ::  Wednesday

04:34 PM
Rants & Whines Just Say No!

Okay, Oprah's making a good point with this particular topic (what kids learn from TV) but this parent is just an idiot! She's whining about how much time her kid spends watching TV and playing video games (about 60 hours a week) but apparently she hasn't figured out how to tell her 5 year old "NO"? Sheesh!

Excuse me??? He's FIVE, she's the parent, she can pick him up physically and throw the blasted TVs (plural, three people in the family and four TVs) in the trash can! And she says, "I feel like [how much TV he watches] makes me look like a bad parent" and "I know it's my fault...I can't say no to him". That's so absolutely ridiculous! She's simply abdicating her job as parent. What happens when the kid gets bigger and wants to do things that are bad for him and they try to tell him no? Sheesh!

Her excuse (and her husband's) is that they work all day and what time she has is spent cleaning so he ends up in front of the TV because she can't spend time with him. TVs ARE NOT BABYSITTERS OR SUBSTITUTE PARENTS.

If Dr. Phill had been on this show, he'd have had a fit!

10:46 AM
Rants & Whines And other times...

The problem with staying up so late is then I'm wired and can't fall asleep right away. Then the cat wakes me up meowing all over the place, then I wake up to pee, then the cat knocks something off the night stand and wakes me and then the alarm goes off and I've had 6 hours of sleep but in one hour increments and my head feels like there's a chain saw inside it and I'm a curmudgeon all day....

....while the dang cat now sleeps next to me on the sofa, she's perfectly happy to sleep now that I'm up!

September 03, 2002  ::  Tuesday

10:55 AM
Internet· Observatorium· Rants & Whines Wake with caffeine

And then I woke up, I lay there listening to the Bee Gees sing 'More than a Woman' till the cat turned it off (rubbing her face on the clock, she hits the button to turn off the alarm) and I realized it was rather dark for so late in the morning and I realized I had a headache. I have a theory that the incoming rain storm brings on a headache, change in the pressure or something. It's nice that it's cloudy and it won't be so hot today but give me that caffeine pill and some coca-cola to get rid of the aches and pains!

And the damn email filters that I set up on my new domain didn't work right, didn't block the stupid "I have visited your website and we can increase your traffic!" spam.

August 29, 2002  ::  Thursday

08:05 PM
Music· Rants & Whines What's that off-Broadway musical? Stomp!

I an not that old. But whatever the hell that crap is with the bass line so fricking loud, turn it the fuck off. Yeesh, damn thing was vibrating my entire house and making me feel distinctly uncomfortable, it was so strong. The neighbors have had loud parties before which I don't mind but this is ridiculous, probably one of those junior gangster wannabes with a ridiculous stereo system that takes up the entire backseat of the car. YEESH!


About damn time.

August 28, 2002  ::  Wednesday

11:55 PM
Internet· Rants & Whines Things to do

Things to do today
too damn depressing that I didn't get any of it done, instead I spent most of the day wrangling with listhosts in spam blacklists and an email blockage on one of my domains.

Webhost tech: okay, it's fixed now. Me, 15 minutes later: I ran four tests, *one* email got thru, I would really like something better than a 25% delivery rate, please. (webhost tech hasn't responded yet, maybe they went to bed )

Things to do tomorrow or Friday
all the damn crap I didn't get done today.

02:26 PM
La Familia· Rants & Whines Money, money, that's what I want!

I hate money. I think we should all go back to bartering. :) Especially if it's family that's involved. I have no problem calling up Voicestream and bitching them out for doublecharging my payment to them and then taking a week and a half to give me the money back (mindless cs rep: "if we give you the $ back, then you'll still owe us $", me: "but that $ isn't due until x date, I'll pay you then, in the meantime, I want the money you stole back in my back account!"). But when it's family, it gets sticky.

Doesn't help that my mother who says she doesn't want to be in the middle, always puts herself in the middle. So now she gets to be in the middle when I say that I'm not doing any more work for stepdad until he pays my last bill. And believe me, when I turn in any future bills, they won't get the work product until I'm handed a check at the same time.

Gah. Family. Money. Family. And my mother is so busy not really talking about anything, just ignoring anything she doesn't want to face but then letting any anger or resentment come out with me in other ways (like getting in the middle on this bill thing).

So I sent off my email to my mother, it'll be interesting to see if she calls me about it or goes to talk to stepdad tonight first. And if anyone hears an explosion, don't worry, it's not terrorists, it's just my stepdad. He avoids heart attacks and aneurysms (wow spell check says I got that right) by screaming and shouting at everyone else. Luckily my cell phone has this volume thing on it. :)

I figure he'll get really mad and fire me, which would be okay, I'm fed up with him anyway and he's not paying me so not much point in working for him, is there? My brother (he worked for him, really worked, on the payroll 40 hours a week, I'm just contract, work at home) says that he won't fire me now but I'm getting closer to that. I figure he'll fire me but then he'll come back in a week when it's closer to the tax filing deadline and want me to do the work. There's two deadlines, two returns, on on 9/15 and one on 10/15. I don't do the tax returns, but I do the bookkeeping, prepare the financials and deliver it all to his tax attorney, answer questions, dig up anything else he wants and then the tax attorney files the returns. He's like 80 or something, incredibly disorganized. His emails are a disaster!

I need coffee.

August 24, 2002  ::  Saturday

05:46 PM
Rants & Whines· TV Whatever happened to...

Whatever happened to the Magog? I'm watching an Andromeda rerun, 1st show of the second season, I think, whatever happened to the whole Magog plot line? I understand that Rev Bem left because the actor had bad reactions to the makeup but the whole Magog are coming to invade us kind of disappeared in the second season. I think there was some brief mentions early on about getting more planets to join the Commonwealth in order to prepare for the invasion but then it just dwindled off. There was a bit about the glowing creature in the one ep where Dylan woke up with a ready-made family while he was really floating on the edge of a black hole but then nothing else. And the second season finale brought a new villain, rather than dealing with the old one.

I guess it's just another glaring lack of continuity in tv land.

02:17 AM
Internet· Rants & Whines Mozilla and MT

Stupid frigging people who created Movable Type and then set it to deliberately show all textareas as three characters wide in Mozilla, rendering them absolutely useless and forcing me to use IE until I got so frustrated that I dug around their config templates and fixed the stupid bug.

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