February 09, 2006  ::  Thursday

10:16 AM
Observatorium Tempest in a cartoon

aefen pointed out this article at Slate which ends with this:

...civil society means that free expression trumps the emotions of anyone to whom free expression might be inconvenient. It is depressing to have to restate these obvious precepts, and it is positively outrageous that the administration should have discarded them at the very first sign of a fight.

'nuff said.

January 26, 2006  ::  Thursday

08:53 AM
Observatorium :-(

What's really sad is that most of the people I know in real life would not appreciate this, some might find it mildy amusing but would be upset or even horrified that I would want to buy their wall calender so I can enjoy it all year long because they take it far too seriously.

My brother's the only person who could appreciate it, he wouldn't buy it because he doesn't buy calendars or notecards, but he would appreciate it. That's surprising because for most of my life, my mother has been the cool one, she burned her bra in the 70's and smoked pot and dated a man 17 years younger than her but she's changed quite a bit over the last ten years. At least she still votes Democrat...

My boss *groan* is one of those who lives by those stupid motivational posters, he'll hate this thing. *evil grin*

(What led me to the site is a news article at Techdirt about Despair.com jokingly trademarking the :-( emoticon. They have a sense of humor!)

December 30, 2005  ::  Friday

10:22 PM
Observatorium And a new photo blog...

I've also started a photo blog, Daily Capture, taking a photo each day, got a new digital camera after a couple years of not having one and I want to get back to taking pics and learning to do it better.

March 18, 2005  ::  Friday

06:47 PM
Observatorium A sampling of classical literature, courtesy of spammers


head of cattle as a ransom, thereafter granting me unmolested pas
Cartagena will be drenched in blood, and whatever the outcome the
dreaminess; his mind increasingly uneasy. At length Miss Bishop
young nobleman had been an active agent of the Duke's. To be su
Lord of Heaven! he stormed. Was there ever such a canting,
Because he's just a damned pirate, as I can prove, as I have pro
comprehensive glimpse before his own decks were invaded by a wild
Don Francisco fear the worst. He was not to guess that it was
And the North Star ahead almost over your starboard bow means th
Bridgewater in their worship of the handsome Monmouth.
They may go to the devil when they please.
The Spaniard sighed, and sat upright to face the returning Captai
Castilian gentlemen were capable.
which he had equipped himself he was able to verify that, as he
Are you, indeed? he roared. Well, then, I am not. This is a

Have a good day.

It used to be that spammers took paragraphs from other text, now they appear to be taking a single line from 15-20 sources, making for some very interesting reading. And it comes with much better spelling than the actual spam message, of course. I think spammers should be penalized by the number of spelling errors (both accidental and on purpose) contained in their silly missives. Like any rational person would be willing to pay money for \\/i@ gr@...

December 15, 2004  ::  Wednesday

11:04 AM
Observatorium All I want for Christmas...

You never know when life/fate/destiny/God/whathaveyou will hand you a present.

A week ago, things were starting to look up, I'd gotten some money stuff taken care of and was looking forward to doing a bit of Christmas shopping since my budget was a bit improved over recent years. And then my car died, flat in the middle of the road (luckily a decent residential area and I have a cell phone to call the auto repair place I frequent to send their tow truck).

Then the next day, they told me the bad news: it's the fuel pump and in my car, the entire module has to be replaced, can't be done piecemeal and it's $800 plus a new fanbelt for $150. No way I could afford nearly $1,000 for my car. And it seemed like this annual curse, last year just before Thanksgiving, it needed $1,200 of brake repairs. Needless to say, I've been very bummed about all this.

So my stepdad (who always knows someone) said he'd check with the guy who does his airconditioning repairs to see if he could find a cheaper mechanic to fix it which he did several days later, a guy who'd do it for $600. I also called the Ford dealership who said it would be $650 to replace the fuel pump so after the last week of I ended up telling the auto repair place I'd have to have it towed elsewhere since I couldn't afford the $800.

So today, we were set to get a tow truck to take it to a friend's house who would pass on the keys to the mechanic to fix it for $600. In the meantime, the auto repair place got to thinking and started looking at things on my car and lo and behold, they found this thing called the inertia switch which gets tripped if you get hit from the rear and it will shut off power to the fuel pump to help prevent the gas tank from blowing up. But it wasn't tripped, it was unplugged completely! And it's normally very difficult to do that, it's a very secure plug and it's up above the kickplate so it can't be jostled or hit by something that you drive over, weirdest thing they ever saw.

But they plugged it in and the car runs beautifully! $150 for them to get in there and find it and plug it in.

All week I've been borrowing my mom's car and running her errands so I could run my errands too and whenever someone asked what I wanted for Christmas, I said all I wanted was my car fixed. So a very big thank you to the auto repair place and life/fate/destiny/God/whathaveyou for my very bestest Christmas present. I've even got a head cold with a really bad sore throat and I don't care anymore, I'm just so happy to be getting my car back!

Here's my wish that everyone gets something special, however big or small, for Christmas or any holiday you celebrate.

Jason [December 15, 2004 03:35 PM] You have a cold too? I've had mine for about a week now. It's really no fun and it better be gone by next Tuesday - my birthday & my anniversary :-D

Speak to me

October 13, 2004  ::  Wednesday

10:57 AM
Observatorium Lunar Eclipse on October 27-28, 2004

Lunar Eclipse on October 27-28, 2004

For North Americans, this eclipse will be visible in the evening, so go outside and watch! There's a chart about the middle of the page giving the start and end times for different time zones. And click on the pic near the top the of the page of last year's blood moon to see more pictures from last year.

September 14, 2004  ::  Tuesday

01:54 AM
Observatorium· TV Praise the doctor and pass the low-fat no-fry chicken fried steak!

Four years ago after I quit my 9-5 job, I started watching Oprah now and then. I discovered that every Tuesday (I think it was Tuesdays) was Dr. Phil day. I had never heard of this guy before but he had a good down to earth, common-sense style, a bit of a Texas Twang and he didn't expect to solve everyone's problems in seven minutes (he even said so :)).

So I made sure to watch or tape Oprah every Tuesday. Then two years ago, he got his own syndicated show and I started watching that. I didn't catch it every day tho because it got to be a bit much going from once a week to five times a week. A little advice goes a long way.

Last winter I started watching a bit more regularly, he had moved from a problem of the day format to following various couples and families for weeks/months and so it had a bit of a plot going on. One day each week was the family with the pregnant teenager and another day each week was the couples from the relationship retreat he'd done and another day each week was the Morman couple with four kids, one from the wife's affair and a fifth kid on the way and he filled in the other two days with miscellaneous things.

These families/couples were all kind of depressing because he couldn't fix them all in fifteen minutes in between commercials, so I only watched now and then. In the last couple years, he's become a male version of Oprah, he's gotten two more books out, one's a cookbook, he's got a magazine, a website, a web-board and all sorts of stuff. He gives away money and stuff to help the various people who turn up on his show, just like Oprah. He hustles troubled kids off to all sorts of expensive treatment centers and schools, all paid for by Dr. Phil, he gives them vacations and pays bills and gives them exercise equipment and kinds of things, he's become a regular miracle worker.

I watched his show today and (as he noted loudly) it's the first show of his third season and I see now he's completed the transformation to book-thumping psycho-preacher! He went to a town somewhere in the midwest, I missed which state, and gave a better sermon than any holly-roller could have done. Pat Robertson should be taking lessons from this guy. He's gonna fix this town, he's gonna cure every ill, he's gonna stop the wife-beating husband, he's gonna sober up the alcoholic, he's gonna get those kids back in school, he's gonna un-pregnate those teenagers! (well, maybe not that last one :))

Oh my, it was something to see, he had that crowd up on their feet, clapping and a-swaying and lawd almighty, singing that old-time religion and a-pledging their solemn promise to follow Dr. Phil!

It was really sumpin' to see...we ain't had us no good preacher-men on the teevee in ages. So you tune into him, y'heah? Dr. Phil will save your soul, I ain't gotta single doubt!

August 06, 2004  ::  Friday

09:41 PM
Observatorium I live in a really stupid state

CNN.com - Battle over Texas sex-ed textbooks - Aug 5, 2004

"Texas educators are debating what will be taught in new sexual education textbooks for its high school students. The 15-member Texas Board of Education is considering and will likely approve four books, all of which extol the virtues of abstinence. Three make no mention of contraceptives at all while one makes passing reference to condoms."

and of course the above would have no bearing on this:

According to Centers for Disease Control figures, Texas has been among the top five states in the country for teenage pregnancies for several years.

Remember how teens in the 1950's thought you could get pregnant just by kissing? Apparently that's rocket science compared to these books:

...one textbook under review advises that a good way a teen-ager can prevent a sexually transmitted disease is to get plenty of rest so he or she can have a clear head about sex and choose abstinence.

Getting plenty of sleep has nothing to do with raging teenage hormones! I got plenty of sleep in HS and I can verify that it had no effect on my choices about sexual activity.

This is merely a part of a larger battle:

The education board has been at the center of many political and religious battles over the years including a recent proposal by evangelical Christian groups to have the state's textbooks include items debunking evolution.

It's still 1925 here in Texas....

I guess I shouldn't expect any better, this is the same state where Governor George W. Bush decided that a strictly voluntary plan was the best way to get manufacturers and refineries to spend millions of dollars for compliance with the 1990 Clean Air Act because, of course, these companies would do it out of the goodness of their teeny tiny rocks shaped like hearts. (We're still in violation of that act and Houston's air is now rivaling LA for smog.) (And guess who donated tons of money to GW's presidential campaigns?)

[Speaking of 1925, here's another site that debunks some of the myths of that famous trial.]

10:01 AM
Observatorium The Superhero Supply Company

What a brilliant idea! The Superhero Supply Company - go inside to the back and open a hidden door to find.... a volunteer tutoring center! The name invites both adults and kids to come in and get interested. (At the site, there's a link to a news article about this wonderful idea and how it started.)

July 30, 2004  ::  Friday

01:03 PM
Observatorium Your office cubicle and future archaeology..;-)

For anyone who ever sat in a cubicle, you have to see this!
Your office cubicle and future archaeology..;-)

July 19, 2004  ::  Monday

01:51 PM
Observatorium Color Schemes

The reason hospitals like Institutional Green:

I can speak for the institutional green colour. When you have someone come in who is bleeding profusely, which is better to see: red on a white wall or black on a green wall? That's what blood looks like when it hits green, hence their oh-so-70s choice in decor. (avocado, anyone?)

LOL! From the Drunken Blog, it's the last comment on the page - but read the entire thing, it's hilarious!

Boo [July 27, 2004 12:46 AM] LOL! .. thanks for the laugh! We've all BTDT. You're right, the last comment is special!!

Speak to me

01:15 PM
Observatorium The Witty New Yorker

My grandmother subscribed to the New Yorker for years and I grew up reading it in the bathroom, appreciating the Dorothy Parker-Noel Coward wit of it.

And they're still doing it, now I read them in an RSS feed and that brought me this article about rickshaws aka bicycle taxis in Manhattan with this luscious quote (you do remember that I'm a liberal card-carrying ACLU Democrat, right? :)):

The pedicab may merely suggest rather than entirely embody the new America of puller and pulled, but it is a sharp symbol of a new reality. It even evokes new metaphors. For instance, the thing about George W. Bush is not that he was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. It is that he has been in a bicycle taxi all his life but has not yet bothered to notice that someone else is pedalling.

[chortle] Definitely goes in my sig quote file!

July 16, 2004  ::  Friday

10:16 PM
Observatorium I AM a hippie!

I love this quiz! It says I'm a hippie! And the rest is pretty accurate also, although I think my mean streak has been tempered by wisdom and the knowledge that karma will get everyone eventually. :)

Wackiness: 50/100
Rationality: 38/100
Constructiveness: 66/100
Leadership: 44/100

You are an SECF--Sober Emotional Constructive Follower. This makes you a hippie. You are passionate about your causes and steadfast in your commitments. Once you've made up your mind, no one can convince you otherwise. Your politics are left-leaning, and your lifestyle choices decidedly temperate and chaste.

You do tremendous work when focused, but usually you operate somewhat distracted. You blow hot and cold, and while you normally endeavor on the side of goodness and truth, you have a massive mean streak which is not to be taken lightly. You don't get mad, you get even.

02:53 PM
Observatorium Minefields in the Minds of our Military

The Price of Valor from The New Yorker is a serious look at the damage being done to our soldiers. We, the public, the people back home, may support them (regardless of our views on the war), but our government is busy using them up and tossing them back out. The training tactics may raise the soldier's physical survivability rate on the battlefield, which is good, I'm glad we've learned from the past. But when nothing is done to ensure their mental and physical survival after the battle is over, have they really truly survived?

Thirty soldiers have committed suicide either while in Iraq or after returning home. The actual successful suicide rate is always just the tip of the iceberg, for every person who actually kills themself, there's dozens more who are severely affected by these events and they're not getting cared for by our government. The Dept of Defense can issue orders and sweep the coffins returning from Iraq under the carpet but they are attempting to do the same with the living soldiers coming home too.

It doesn't matter if you're for or against this war or the next one, we have to protect our soldiers, not just physically on the battlefield, but also after, we have to make it possible for them to come home and have a good life afterwards. Sometimes there are things worth fighting for, even worth dying for, we have to make it possible to live for them too. Yellow ribbons and flags on porches aren't enough.

This isn't the first time this has come up, there was an article in Time magazine two or three years ago (iirc but I don't have a link) about four soldiers who were all in (different) elite fighting units who had all had operations experience. All four men killed their wives and two of them killed themselves as well. The rigors of breaking down our societal resistance to killing is not an easy thing - it may be necessary but we can't hide from the consequences or else we risk a generation - and the effect it may have on their families, their children. We must truly honor the soldier's sacrifice - we must repair what we break.

June 17, 2004  ::  Thursday

06:27 PM
Observatorium This person gets it.

Rubber balls and glass balls: The rubber ball will bounce and someone else can pick it up. That's your work life. The glass ball is family, friends, your health. Drop it, and if you're lucky it'll just crack. If you're not so lucky, it'll break into a million pieces.

From Dave Winer about the shutdown of Weblogs.com. (With news about Weblog's rising from the ashes, too.)

Keep the glass balls safe and bounce those rubber ones all over the place!

May 31, 2004  ::  Monday

10:47 PM
Observatorium Days

Spent a chunk of the day with my mom, figuring out what needed to come out of storage and out of their garage apartment so they can (finally!) move back into their house this weekend. It started off in typical family fashion (B=my brother, M=my mom):

10:55 am.

B: Are you on your way to pick me up?

Me: No, mom hasn't called yet to say she's on her way and there's no point in sitting at the storage place in the heat. I'll call as soon as I hear from her.

B: Okay but I have to be done by 2pm!

11:05 am.

M: (croaky voice) Can we postpone an hour?

Me: Well that would be fine with me but B has already called to see if I'm on my way and he says he has to be done by 2pm...

M: Okay (sigh) I'm leaving now.

(Mom always likes to procrastinate on her days off and sleep in and I never mind because I just do stuff on the computer instead.)

I pick up B and go over to the storage place. We get there, no Mom, I call her on her cell phone...

11:30 am.


Me: Hey did you remember to bring the storage locker keys?

M: Well, yes but they're in my purse and I forgot my purse which I just realized so I'm on my way back to the house to get it and then I'll be over there.

So B and I go get gas and stop at a cafe so I can get OJ and we meet Mom back at the storage place at....

12:00 pm.

Moral of the story: If we'd just said okay, we'll wait an hour, she would have remembered her purse and we'd have been there at the same time but with less hassle. :)

Now I've got to get with the cable guy to get the cable/network jacks in so that we can get their cable and net access turned on soon! And set up the movers for next Friday so my stepdad can at least move back over there and my mom will probably move back the next Friday. Stepdad is having hip surgery in three weeks (the day after Father's day!) and we have to get the basics done so that he can live fairly comfortably there. But the construction guy still has to seal the stone floors in the kitchen and downstairs bath before they can use the kitchen - which looks absolutely beautiful! It was nice before (they'd renovated the kitchen about five years ago) but now it's even better, really wonderful stone floors with inlaid deep blue tiles and a SubZero fridge (only fridge, no freezer, they have in the laundry room) with a wooden door cover to match their cabinets and ohmigawd, a leather, real leather! padded handle! yowza! Plus a hidden pantry room and a huge laundry room with the old fridge/freezer and washer/dryer and workbench for stepdad plus cupboards and counter space next to the washer/dryer. And the spiral staircase looks great plus the incredibly heavy light fixture above which is this Frank Lloyd Wright thing that looks great up there!

May 30, 2004  ::  Sunday

03:06 PM
Observatorium A Memorial

Today's Doonesbury is a simple list of every soldier who's died in Iraq since the was "officially" declared over.

Doonesbury, May 30, 2004

A fitting tribute on this Memorial weekend to our soldiers who truly give their blood, sweat, tears and lives for our country.

Why are we there? What did these men and women die for? Leave a comment and tell me your own personal thoughts about that, I know both sides of the argument, I know Bush's words and Kerry's words and all the politicos and media people's words.

I want to hear yours.

Why are we there? What did these men and women die for?

May 26, 2004  ::  Wednesday

11:43 PM
Observatorium Mememememememe

1. Your name spelled backwards.
alice backwards is ecila.

2. Where were your parents born?
Dad: Chicago, Illinois. Mom: Panama Canal Zone (her dad was in the Navy).

3. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
Some tiny fonts.

4. What's your favorite restaurant?
Vincent's, best Italian food in the world, well except maybe in Italy. :)

5. Last time you swam in a pool?
God, years and years ago.

6. Have you ever been in a school play?
um, yeah, but I don't remember what it was, must have been back in elementary school.

7. How many kids do you want?
None. And that's exactly what I've had. :)

8. Type of music you dislike most?
Pointless crap, anything with Britney Spears or any of her lookalikes. And anything that promotes hate of or violence against others.

9. Are you registered to vote?
Yes. And I do.

10. Do you have a car?

11. Have you ever ridden on a moped?
No. I've ridden motorcyles but no mopeds.

12. Ever prank call anybody?
*grin* Yes.

13. Ever get a parking ticket?
No. I've gotten speeding tickets but no parking tickets, but then downtown is the only place they really give out parking tickets here and usually when I'm down there, I park in a garage.

14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?
I wouldn't go bungee jumping (pointless, imho) but I would go sky diving - it would be very tough for me, because I have this fear of falling but I would love to get past that and do it.

15. Furthest place you ever traveled?
The Netherlands.

16. Do you have a garden?
Sort of. Roses and a carnation tree in the garden outside, low maintenance, it's all my black thumb can handle. :)

17. What's the size of your bed?
Queen. Because I am. :)

18. Do you really know all the words to your national anthem?

19. Bath or Shower, morning or night?
Shower, morning.

20. Best movie you've seen in the past 4 months?
um, er, nothing? I've watched about a dozen movies but none of them were particularly good.

21. What's the next movie you want to see?
The next one that's opening that I want to see: The Day After Tomorrow. The next movie that I'm excited to see: Collateral and Spider-Man 2.

22. Chips or popcorn?

23. Have you ever broken any hearts?
I don't think so.

24. Premarital sex?
Have I or should I? Yes and probably not.

25. Are you a good cook?
Of breakfast, yes. Everything else, no.

26. Orange or Apple juice?

27. Who was the last person you went out to dinner with and where did you go?
My mother and we went to La Madelaine.

28. Favorite type of drink?
Non-alcoholic: Milk. Alcoholic: Pina-colada or a Martini.

29. Best thing in the world?
Scotland. ScotlandScotlandScotlandScotlandScotlandScotlandScotland.

30. Have you ever broken a bone?

31. Have you ever won a trophy?
No, not big on competitions.

32. What is your favorite board game?

33. What is your dream car?
One of those British 30's style two seater convertibles, I think they're Triumphs? Heck, anything from the 40's or 50's. I love those big old cars.

34. Ever order an article from an infomercial?

35. Coke or Pepsi?
Coke. or Pepsi if they don't have Coke. *shrug*

36. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work?

37. Last thing you bought at a pharmacy?
um, er, must have been a prescription, I buy everything else at the grocery store.

38. Who are you going to marry?
No idea.

39. Who would you like to meet?
Hugh Jackman. He seems like a nice, down to earth guy. But then again, I thought that about Mel Gibson once upon a time too, so maybe not him. Dunno, not anyone in particular, I guess.

40. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes. But I also believe in love not at first sight. (and you know you're a geek when you automatically type "site" for "sight".)

41. What features do you find most attractive in the opposite sex?
Hands. And Arms. And Smiles.

42. Where would you go for a romantic evening?
Dinner, dancing, the slow old-fashioned kind, where you get to touch each other and twirl around in circles.

43. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
A dozen or so.

44. Last song stuck in your head?
The Hampster Dance. :)

45. Any pets?
Two cats. And a baby possum that sneaks in every so often. My cats stare at it, transfixed, but won't go near it. It hisses and makes these little croaking sounds.

46. What's your all time favorite Saturday Night Live Character?
Rosannerosannedanna, I guess, I never was really obsessed with that show and it was only funny the first three or four years. (And they had some killer music acts back then too.)

47. What is one thing you would like to learn to do?
Live in Scotland for the rest of my life.

48. What do you do when you are bored?
Play computer games.

49. What is one thing you would want someone to appreciate about you?
My sense of humor.

50. What is one thing you are grateful for today?
That I'm alive.

10:58 PM
Observatorium Tailgating

From The Agonist

A man is being tailgated by a stressed-out woman on a busy boulevard. Suddenly, the light turns yellow, just in front of him. He does the right thing, and stops at the crosswalk, even though he could havebeaten the red light by accelerating through the intersection. The tailgating woman hits the roof, and the horn, screaming in frustration as she misses her chance to get through the intersection with him. As she is still in mid-rant, she hears a tap on her window and looks up into the very serious face of a police officer. The officer orders her to exit her car with her hands up.

He takes her to the police station where she is searched, fingerprinted, photographed, and placed in a cell. After a couple of hours, a policeman approaches the cell and opens the door. She is escorted back to the booking desk where the arresting officer is waiting with her personal effects. He says, "I'm very sorry for this mistake. You see, I pulled up behind your car while you were blowing your horn, flipping off the guy in front of you, and cussing a blue streak at him. I noticed the 'Choose Life' license plate holder, the 'What Would Jesus Do' bumper sticker, the 'Follow Me to Sunday School' bumper sticker, and the chrome plated Christian fish emblem on the trunk. Naturally, I assumed you had stolen the car."

ROTFLMAO! How many times I have seen this myself, someone wearing all this Christian claptrap but not doing what they're espousing...

April 29, 2004  ::  Thursday

04:33 PM
Observatorium Insanity

People who use dark purple text on a black background on their website.

April 10, 2004  ::  Saturday

05:58 PM
Observatorium It smells like rain!


I've done work, wandered around in hot muggy sunny outdoors scoping out storage rooms to put stuff in for my grandmother, traipsed around buildings, waited on people, gotten locked in cars that won't let me open the doors!

I've read and answered emails and questions and speculations, volunteered to take over a fanfic archive, been to the grocery store and done some laundry and now I just want to lay here with Tommy the cat purring next to me while I smell rain in the air from the cold front finally coming in....

(But never fear, Elanor, I shall be working on the automated archive files for you this evening!)

March 17, 2004  ::  Wednesday

02:32 PM
Observatorium More contact form oddness...

Subject: Fan Email Lists - Question
Message: I dont know

Wouldn't that be the answer rather than the question?


March 15, 2004  ::  Monday

10:53 AM
Observatorium randomizing spam

There've been several news stories lately about people turning the gibberish in spam into poetry. Up till recently, none of the randomized words in the spam I got were very interesting and since I don't even open 99.99995% of the spam I get, I never saw that much of it anyway.

But lately they're putting the random words in the subject line and nothing else. So I'm seeing things like this:

      pail chordal cameron splat disc

      hyde depository beseech galenite climb

      crucifixion manslaughter backstitch randy

and this two-word elegance:

      deprivation cosmopolitan


      downpour banach

and then the one that simply said:


Ah, the beauty of spare prose!

(of course the beauty is only on the outside, if you open these missives, you find incredibly badly spelled (on purpose to avoid filters) come-ons for the usual.)

March 14, 2004  ::  Sunday

03:52 PM
Observatorium Lazy Sunday

From Off the Kuff:

Ever have a Sunday where you didn't feel like doing a damn thing? I'm in the middle of one of those right now, that and a John Sandford novel. Hope your Sunday is going as well as mine.

I live in the same city as he does and I agree! It's been raining most of the day (thank goodness!) and it's not too hot or too muggy or too cold, it's just perfect with the windows open and the cats sleeping on the couch, the bed and the top of the cat tree, watch a little TV, read a book, surf the net.

I think I'll order dinner delivered from the Italian restaurant down the way...

March 03, 2004  ::  Wednesday

08:37 PM
Observatorium WoooHoooo!

I've had a terrible time with getting traffic tickets in the last six months (I can be a real lead foot sometimes!) but it really pays to show up in court, I got my last ticket dismissed today! Had to drag myself out of bed at 6 am and I felt totally crappy by the time I got home, like a really bad hangover but I'm so happy it's done! *does happy dance*

February 13, 2004  ::  Friday

11:18 AM
Observatorium Eek!

It's Friday the 13th!! Cool!!

ION, my brother got fired from his job two days ago and he's got a job interview today, a buddy of his who owes him a favor and told him to call if he was ever job hunting again.

My mother was really, really bummed about him losing the job and I was sad too, I really thought it would work out well, he loved it and it seemed to be going well, but otoh, he's bouncing back well, atm, he went straight out to start looking again the next day.

It's freezing cold in here, 41 degrees Farenheit and the high today is only supposed to be 44 and we have 93% humidity so the feels like temp is *much* lower than 41! And my cats are hogging all the room in front of the space heater. Except for Tommy, he's so fat and furry, he's a space heater all by himself.

10:51 AM
Observatorium Word of the Day

I am a...

latitudinarian \lat-uh-too-din-AIR-ee-un; -tyoo-\, adjective: Having or expressing broad and tolerant views, especially in religious matters. noun: A person who is broad-minded and tolerant; one who displays freedom in thinking, especially in religious matters.

Are you?

February 10, 2004  ::  Tuesday

03:59 PM
Observatorium Hear me roar!

In medieval Europe, dragons were considered mostly evil and a generally bad omen. Christianity linked the dragon with Satan because of the dragon's snake-like appearance. However, to the Orient cultures the dragon was a symbol of wisdom and royalty. It was a benign animal and the fifth creature of the Chinese zodiac. It resided over the east and the sunrise. It was also said to bring rain and the springtime. The dragon is interesting because it combines all four elements: air, earth, fire, and water. It could fly, had the horns of a ox, breathed fire, and resided over the moon.

What mythical beast best represents you? Take the quiz!

February 01, 2004  ::  Sunday

11:39 PM
Observatorium Say thank you to the Shrub and count yer blessings

Best quote about the 2004 Superbowl from ObsessedMuch:

So let me get this straight...

Somewhere tonight my three kids were sitting with their dad and a room full of other men and kids and instead of seeing commercials about how their futures are going to hell in a handbasket thanks to the Shrub, they are instead being treated to the non-controversial, family-friendly, pure and lovely sight of Janet Jackson's bare tit after her shirt was ripped off.

Right. Check. Not that her tit isn't lovely and all but...

ROTFLMAOPIK! That about says it all right there. Ain't the Shrub wonderful? Look at all the great things he's given us, war and Janet's boob....y'all count yer blessings, y'hear?

June 29, 2003  ::  Sunday

07:52 PM
Observatorium Hmmm....

I was just writing an email to introduce myself to another fan who doesn't know me at all and I was going to put a link to my LJ in it and then I took a look at the recent entries and decided that maybe that's not really the first impression I want to give! Eep, I need to stop whining so much! But like, my life sorta sucks atm, I mean it's not awful like it was six months ago, I'm still on the Lexapro and doing much better but money is still real scarce and my activities consist mainly with finding work so you know, that's not real happy and sparkly. :) Perhaps I should start a Dodo LJ cause it's fun to whine about dodo's but I don't want my entire LJ to be nothing but dodo whines....you know?


12:14 PM
Observatorium A whole flock of 'em!

I don't usually get this many dodos in this short of a period of time, I can go months without spotting one but lately they're popping up all over.

Email to my Fan Email Lists website (an index of all kinds of fandom mailing lists) contact form:


    I downloaded a website which i'd like to delete now.How do i go about doing that?


And the person's name is Indian? African? and in all caps (but it's not an AOL email address), all of which makes me think 419er so I used an innocuous address to reply in case they were phishing for valid addresses.

June 26, 2003  ::  Thursday

07:44 PM
Observatorium Hair Coloring Tip of the Day

You've spent an hour meticulously coloring your hair a nice vibrant red, dramatically different from your mousy brown and gray hair. You washed it, conditioned it, dried it, styled it, it's gorgeous! You have to be at a job interview in twenty minutes when you look in the mirror and realize there's a three inch long strip of gray roots on your right temple that you completely missed coloring. What to you do?

Pull out the red/brown eyebrow pencil!

June 16, 2003  ::  Monday

08:36 PM
Observatorium Gah.

Some people love to watch fights on the net, on mailing lists and LJs, I guess it's like gawking at traffic accidents and I can understand that.

Thing is, I've always been the one behind the gawker, saying "go, Go, GO! Stop creating a traffic jam!" I have no wish to see the blood and gore. Maybe that's cause I've been a bad accident that could have been a lot worse, that I could have died in so it's just too close to home for me.

And fights on the net, it just seems like such a pointless waste of energy, mine and theirs and the observers. Is anything every really achieved? I've never seen any resolution to any of those fights and they usually repeat every few months to a couple years. So why bother?


I had one today and I'd explain the whole mess but it was just so stupid, an idiot person with waaaaaaayyyy too much time on her hands took offense at someone asking what a particular acronym meant, the way the quote attribution was worded and when I didn't agree with her, she said I had a bias against people from the UK (which is really stupid since that's where I'd like to live....except nowhere near her!) And she dragged this whole thing out for over four hours! Even after my co-listowner and I both told her to stop *three* times! She kept emailing the other person and cc'ing us and emailing us and cc'ing the other person. Eeeesh. My only hope is that since it's after 2 am there, that she's gone to bed. Boy, does this woman need something to do with her days!

It's just so pointless. And it's wasted my time and energy and made me more depressed because her petty small-mindedness. Can't we all just get along?


June 14, 2003  ::  Saturday

02:47 PM
Observatorium Weird but fun dreams!

Weird and fun dreams! I dreamt that I was with Kevin Kinkirk from 7th Heaven and he was engaged to Mary, not Lucy and a whole bunch of other people but it was the Waltons family, not 7th Heaven and Mary and Lucy were part of the Waltons. There were these big dinners and parties going on and I kept walking thru rooms with tables covered in white tablecloths and the remnants of the parties, used napkins, empty plastic glasses, etc. on them. I ended up sleeping at their house on a cot by a dining room table like that really big heavy dark Victorian one that my first stepdad had when he and my mom first got married.

Then I woke up and when I went back to sleep, Kevin had turned into Logan/Wolverine but he was hurt, had all these sharp things stuck in him and he couldn't heal until we removed them and since he was in so much pain, he was more like a wolf (kind of looked like one too like in LadyHawke). I was trying to get stuff to help him, bandages, ointments, tweezers to pull out the sharp things and then I woke up again.

So now there's pics of Logan and Hugh Jackman on my desktop!

April 27, 2003  ::  Sunday

06:28 PM
Observatorium Apparently....

Apparently feeling sleepy, while keeping me from doing any actual website or archive work, isn't keeping me from talking.... :)

05:31 PM
Observatorium Yawwwnnnn!

eebie-jeebies, I'm so sleepy! I got a decent amount of sleep last night but then I took an antihistamine/decongestant (Claritin-D) which normally doesn't make me sleepy at all (in fact last time I took one at night, it kept me awake!) and then I had to take a muscle relaxer because my neck was all spazzed out but I only took one and that normally doesn't do that much and I took it at 10 am this morning and the side effects usually only last four or five hours and it's 5:30 pm now and I'm soooooo sleeeeepy! And I want to do stuff, I've got a pile of stories this high to archive and I'm in the mood to do them and I've got a nifty commenting thing to test out to use on the archives and I want to do that too but I'm just sooo sleeepy I can't make myself do much of anything!


02:28 PM
Observatorium This entry is on my LJ

 This entry is on my LJ....

April 23, 2003  ::  Wednesday

05:12 PM
Observatorium I should say...

...something, anything! New site design to go with the new domain name and you can click on the little color squares over on the top right under the menu and change the color scheme to you prefer. If I can get the cookie problem worked out, then your selection will stick throughout the blog and whenever you come back to the site (unless you clear out your cookies or have them turned off).

One problem I have in designing sites is I tend to be monotoned, I tend to use varying shades of one color with a small amount of some other color throughout a site. I keep trying to add more color but I always seem to end up with mainly one predominant color. Or if I do use two colors, one of them is white or black which doesn't really count to me.

So I worked up the yellow/red scheme, I got a mental picture of it as I was going to sleep two nights in a row and finally got it down in the html editor and it's very bright and bold and I think it turned out pretty well, very different from what I normally do but that was my goal. I'd like to do some variations, using two to three colors but use some shades a bit quieter. The blue/green scheme came from wandering around the color gallery at about About.com (see my links pages, under WebDesign Color), most of the combinations were a bit much for me, but I found some I really liked and just looking at all the different variations made me look at things a different way.

Plus there's my links pages, it's my personal links, various sites I like, use a lot, recommend on all sorts of topics. Feel free to add your favorites and I'll check them out!

April 01, 2003  ::  Tuesday

09:15 PM
Observatorium Gains and Losses

Well, dang. I feel like I just lost a good friend. And I did pretty much, an entire list full of good friends. I used to be on a women's web design list and it was both on-topic and off-topic stuff so we all got real friendly, got to know each other's problems and help one another out and it helped me a bunch when I was really down and even tho it had over 500 members and posts numbered in 100 to 200 per day (lots of filtering!), it was still one of the warmest, friendliest places on the net.

In the really happy happy news! I went for my interview at the second temp place and it was great! And that's where I got the web design job! The recruiter guy is also a musician on the side, plays jazz at little clubs, he's done it for twenty years and he wants to set up a simple site with some music clips and booking info and be able to update it with his upcoming gigs and so on and it won't be more than two three pages but it'll be so fun!

I dropped off the list last year when I was really depressed and trying to deal with stuff and then today, in the midst of interviewing for temp accounting jobs, I got my first real live paying web design job, it'll only be three or four hundred dollars but I was so excited and I thought I'd get back on the list and share my news and start getting back into web design. I signed up, my membership was pending and I got an email from one of the mods with a request for info to approve my membership, no big deal I figured, I knew they'd set the list to restricted to keep out spammers and some other trolls but I remembered the mod from before, so I said hi, remember me, I used to be on the list, gave my info, explained that I'd gotten my first paying job and then I got back a snotty rude response from her wanting to know if I'd even read her email (I had) and that she might be willing to allow me on the list again if I'd do such and such but only because I'd been a member before.

And I could do what she wanted done, but jeez she was so rude about the whole thing I just said never mind, I'll go hang out on the other design list instead, I guess that one just isn't the same old friendly place I remember (and she definitely isn't either).

And it's just really sad, several people there had also dealt with depression and getting treatment and meds and getting web design work and I was looking forward to saying hi again and sharing my news, about the web design job and about getting treatment and now I can't.....


But in the really happy happy news! I went for my interview at the second temp place and it was great! And that's where I got the web design job! The recruiter guy is also a musician on the side, plays jazz at little clubs, he's done it for twenty years and he wants to set up a simple site with some music clips and booking info and be able to update it with his upcoming gigs and so on and it won't be more than two three pages but it'll be so fun! I'm good at numbers and doing accounting and I can make a good living at that but I LOVE web design, I get the creative thing from my grandmother and my aunt who are both incredible artists, I don't have anywhere near their training but I can do pretty good on the computer and I love it, it so much fun when I get a design done in the graphics program and then get it converted to html and see the page for the first time and then tweak it here and there and tweak some more until it's just like it's supposed to be, gives me so much that I can't get from plain old numbers!

And this guy's site will be music oriented so it'll be fun, we can do some nifty colors and graphics, it'll be a blast, I almost said I'd do it for free! But then I remembered that people value things like that more if they pay for it, they don't take it for granted and expect the world for nothing and besides, I'm worth it!

So happy happy dance for that plus the interview was great, he's got a prospective job for me and I'll know more on Friday and it's just such an ego boost when the interview goes well, I floated out of there on cloud 9, because, goshdarnit, I am good enough and people like me! ;)

March 20, 2003  ::  Thursday

12:22 PM
Observatorium TMI update

Someone asked where I've been, I've been dealing with depression mostly, I get real quiet when it gets bad and it did about six weeks, two months ago, then about two weeks ago, finally got the good drugs up to the right level to get rid of the depression which has helped enormously and so I've been busy doing things away from the computer and dealing with sucky webhosts and working on websites (when the servers weren't crashing). But it's so good to feel "normal" again, once I got there, I realized I'd been in a depression of varying levels for about the last five years, since when my grandmother died and my job went to hell in a handbasket, all the good people left and they hired nasty obnoxious crappy people. I should have left that job then in 1998 but I didn't realize how bad it would get so I stuck around for another three years and for the last two years since I quit, I've been trying to get back to where I was. Tried Prozac last year but it just makes me really jittery and I can't concentrate. Finally Lexapro has turned out to be wonderful once we got the dose right, ten mg a day does nothing for me, 20 is too much, 15 is just right! (sez goldilocks :))

And one of my cats got deathly ill about a month ago and I spent three weeks nursing him and worrying about him. Never did figure out what it was, best we can figure is he got some poison, maybe from pesticides on a yard in the neighborhood or something, got enough in him to make him really sick but not enough (thankfully) to kill him and he's fine now, back to normal, being his usual whiny demanding self. :)

That should take care of the TMI category for the day. :)

February 07, 2003  ::  Friday

08:09 PM
Observatorium Red-headed stepchild

I am officially a redhead again! I don't have any problems with going gray but the world perceives it as old and I don't like that, especially when looking for temp jobs, I don't want people jumping to conclusions about me.

And I like being a redhead, I never cared for my real hair color, I colored it for years but I got real tired of then having to color it every 4 to 6 weeks or having dark roots. So I took a couple years off and stopped and now it's okay, especially since it's so short, it's so easy to do! And I'm also of a mind to try to stick to getting my hair trimmed every couple months as well or at least every three and not let it grow out too long. I do want to grow it out a little so I don't want to go more often than every two months and three might be better, let it get a little longer, enough to look some different and then get it shorter again. I simply am not one of those people who keep their hair the same always and forever! It's fine for them, I just can't do it. :)

So it's short and it's red and it's wonderful! It's not bright bright red, my hair's too dark to really do that, but it's a nice reddish light brown so it's not so harsh with my fair skin, it's softer and it's enough to blend in all the gray pretty well too.

10:23 AM
Observatorium Can we call this Thursday?

Well, I feel better, got more sleep altogether, cats only woke me up once, so the day started better and I'm going to reassemble the couch and that will help immensely. Now if the frigging webhost could get off their buts and actually fix the system, everything would be much better. Dave showed up last night and did get things working again but then he went home and it broke again. The tech this morning is trying to be helpful but he's fairly clueless, "create a test account", no you can have a real one instead but it won't help, this is an intermittent problem, now it's happening on the other domain. And mailing lists are broken again, my pending posts finally showed up after Dave fixed it, I approved them and they went into a blackhole, didn't get delivered to any list members.

Wahhhhhh! I want Dave to come back! :)

Hopefully in between giving the tech support guys whatever they think they need, I can get some stuff done, my resume, call the shrink, laundry, I really need to do laundry! Now if it was just Thursday again so I didn't lose a whole day....

January 27, 2003  ::  Monday

09:29 PM
Observatorium All those Idiot Box entries...


It's my birthday and I'll post if I wanna, post if I wanna, you would post too if it happened to you...


January 24, 2003  ::  Friday

07:33 PM
Observatorium Alphabet Soup Redux

As I'm reading my LJ friends page, I keep seeing my earlier post of that subject and now I want some real alphabet soup! Because it's cold cold cold here and I could make words as I eat, first a J and then an O and an H and an N and a D, O, E! Coming up at 8pm!

January 21, 2003  ::  Tuesday

09:04 AM
Observatorium ZIP-code shenanigans

From the Max Power LJ Feed:

IN THE PAST, WHENEVER a retailer insisted that I provide a ZIP code at the point of sale, I've always... more

I've always hated them asking for zip codes especially if I'm paying cash for some tiny thing. I was in Baton Rouge once, ducked into some store to get a birthday card, $1.25 in cash and they won't let me pay until I give them a zip code, I told the girl I didn't live there, I was just passing thru, I finally told her to make one up just so I could get out of there!

January 20, 2003  ::  Monday

03:18 PM
Observatorium 10 more things about me....

This makes 20 so far...

11. I like being at home all day, I can be almost agoraphobic, but when I do go out, running errands or out with family/friends, I have a great time and I remember that I should do it more.

12. I hate working in white collar jobs in offices. I've been working at home, mainly doing accounting work for my stepbear for the last couple years and I'm going to have to start doing temp work, 8 to 5 stuff in an office and I really don't want to. I absolutely hate the grind of getting up every day, five days a week, 8 to 5 to the point of practically having a phobia about it. The only saving grace is that hopefully I can do shorter term jobs, get some time off in between. I don't need long term temp work, if I could do two weeks a month or so, I'd be fine financially but it's temp work, I can't be too picky about taking jobs so I may get stuck with something longer term and right now I do need some extra money, get caught up on bills and save some. I'd rather work a part time job but anything part time that I can do wouldn't pay enough even at full time hours to cover my expenses. I just really, really, really hate going back to the corporate world.

Maybe I should put a TMI warning on this...and it also serves as an explanation of my current state of grumpiness... :)

13. I don't read fanfic anymore. Well, not much of it anyway. Which I find really funny because I do so much with and for fanfic, I format it, I archive it, I run awards for it, I set up sites for it. Maybe that's why, it's like working in a donut shop, at first it's fun, all those donuts! But after awhile, it's just too much and I have no interest in the donuts anymore, I'm surrounded by them all the time. But I still like making the donuts, archiving, creating/maintaining sites and I'm happy if other people like the stories.

14. I don't like kids up close and personal. I used to, when my brother was small, I used to have a great time playing with him and his best friend, I used to babysit them and play with them for hours and I really loved it. But somewhere over the years I lost that talent.

15. OTOH, I do like hearing about kids from their parents, I love hearing what the kids have been doing and saying and learning, the parent's view of the child can be fascinating and funny and frustrating (I really wasn't trying to alliterate this!), an insight into both the parent and the child, and so I love reading blogs and LJs written by moms and dads about their kids.

16. The two best movies in the world are My Brilliant Career, Sybylla in the outback, frizzy hair, wanting more of out of life, that's me, (although I would have said yes to Harry Beecham!) and Thelma and Louise, brilliant movie, nuff said.

17. I met Bruce Springsteen years ago, backstage at his Born in the USA tour, no I wasn't a groupie, my best friend's boyfriend was a diehard fan and had waited outside Bruce's hotel the night before and got to meet him and got us backstage passes for the three of us (we already had third row tickets cause he'd camped out at the ticket office) and so we got to see him briefly in between interviews he was doing. My friend is an artist and she gave him a small painting he'd done and several years later when she got backstage at his next tour, his then wife Julianne said "oh, that's her painting in our bedroom?" when they were talking about it which just goes to show that he really is a nice guy and doesn't just toss out the things people give him.

18. A woman passing me in a grocery store aisle once asked me if I knew that I looked like Shelley Fabares.

19. I was in a car accident when I was 22, another car in the opposite lane of a two lane highway crossed over the yellow line and hit my car in the side. I broke my nose, my shoulder and had a huge horseshoe shaped bruise on my knee from the stickshift. I wasn't wearing a seatbelt and if I'd been hit head-on, I would most likely have died. Ever since, I can't drive or ride in a car, even in the backseat, without wearing a seatbelt.

20. When I was 17, the first year I had my driver's license, I was in three accidents (all my fault), one involved hitting a parked car. I got better at driving after that and managed not to hit other cars anymore. :)

02:42 PM
Observatorium Midnight Snacks

How do you do that? I cannot get up in the middle of the night and eat, just can't, no matter how hungry I am, I've never done that in my entire life. I have gotten up and gotten something to drink, water, milk, coke, usually if my stomach is upset and I've woken up because of that, but I've never had food, I can't eat and then get in bed right away. Even when I come home really late and starving and dead tired, if I eat, I have to do something for a bit after eating, watch a bit of TV, read or something, 30 minutes or so before just laying down and going to sleep.

Do you get up in the middle of the night and eat?

10:58 AM
Observatorium Rearranging the to-do list

Okay, well, that changed my plans....I didn't realize it was Martin Luther King day, so the bank is closed, the post office is closed and that cuts out a bunch of my errands for today. Plus I thought I had to do some extra set up work on a website and it turns out I'd jumped the gun so that's one more thing I don't need to do! Which is good, cause I have more time for the other stuff on my to-do list but....I'd really gotten in the mode to do all that stuff and now I can't.

And I get way too much email! It's either feast or famine, at times I get nothing, not private or list, I desperately wanted distraction during the holidays and everything was dead and then other times, it's just a flood! And it's all good stuff but I can't keep up! :)

I am soooooo tired tho, I was really zonked last night, practically falling asleep standing up, I went to bed and gotten woken up three times in 45 minutes, then woken up about every hour or two after that, finally got up early to let the cat in from the cat fight outside and gave up trying to sleep. I think I'll take a muscle relaxer tonight before I go to bed, last night I was buzzed from various things, migraine med (has tons of caffeine in it) and remains of hangover from Saturday evening (I had one and a half drinks! sheesh!) and being tired where I'm so tired I can't relax enough to sleep well.

So I'm getting all my stuff done and going to be early tonight! Except, I need to go back to my mom's to get stuff that I forgot last night, work stuff so I can get paid next weekend and flea stuff for the cat (part of the reason I kept getting woken up last night).

January 08, 2003  ::  Wednesday

07:50 AM
Observatorium Up with the birds

I've been up since 6:30. Night before, I slept 10 hours, last night I slept six hours and I was wide awake so I figured I might as well get up. Part of it too was a muscle spasm on my head, really it's in my neck but it goes from the back of my neck over the top of my head to right above my left eyebrow and I couldn't get a comfortable position where it didn't hurt.

So I'm up, I've fed the cats (they better not expect to get this early every day!), taken a muscle relaxer so my head is better, watched a bit of the BBC news on BBC America (English accents are very soothing for me in the morning :)), poked around MT to see if doing a feed from my LJ to my blog would relieve having to double post (it won't, the LJ feed doesn't include the entry text, just titles and links and I hate that, so I'll keep writing in MT and copying to the LJ posting client) and I need to close the window cause it's fricking cold in here (39 degrees right now) but I really like the sound of the birds in the early morning but my fingers are kind of blue....

January 07, 2003  ::  Tuesday

11:24 PM
Observatorium Cold Toes, Warm Heart?

My feet are freezing! The rest of me is fine, but the floor is cold and I keep putting my feet up but then I lean forward to read something and they're back on the cold floor!


05:46 PM
Observatorium The blah blues

blah, blah, blah....I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything at all today. I slept too much and I have cramps. And it's the last day of the first Recs Fiesta on GO which I wanted to do and I figured it'd be a way for me to read some fic, cause I hardly ever read any these days, I archive, I set up archives, I maintain archives but I don't read any of it. Although, it's not just fanfic, I don't read books anymore much either and that I do miss, getting lost in a book for hours, staying up late reading....that part I really would like to get back to doing, reading before bed is good for me cause it takes my mind off my crap and I don't lay in bed thinking or wake up in the middle of the night and think. But I have this pile of books next to the bed and none of them are very interesting for one reason or another. ::sigh::

And Stargate....I want to like this show but... I did this marathon session around Christmas, watching all the eps I'd been taping off SciFi since September, around 30 or so and the first year started off slow, I thought, it picked up for awhile, and second season was mostly good, but now, early parts of third season are really boring.

I adored the movie. I really wanted to love the series too.

Smallville recs, I want to read good Smallville fic, preferably Clark/Lex stuff but it can be gen too, as long as it's good. Who's the torch or Maygra of Smallvile fic? That's what I need to know! :)

James Marsden's not bad, but I tell ya, he looks so much better with those Cyclops sunglasses on!

December 29, 2002  ::  Sunday

09:03 AM
Observatorium The quiet of the morning broken

Ick. I was sitting here enjoying the quiet of the morning, it's all sort of foggy out there and a bit of a chill in the air but it's peaceful and the birds are cheeping now and then. But some twit has turned on music outside and bizarre music at that, some female singing a moment ago and now Joy to the World. Ick.

My neighborhood is usually quiet in the mornings, I've never heard this before, usually we just get birds and hammers (construction of faux Victorian houses in the neighborhood) and kids out in their yards. And this music is not the local wanna be gangsta kids in the next block behind me, it's just oddball stuff.

I could close the window, it's not so loud and with the window shut I probably wouldn't hear it but then I'd have to open it to let the cat in (kitty door in window screen) plus I was really enjoying the quiet and the birds and the fresh air. Gah, MORE Christmas music, I wasn't in the mood for Christmas four days ago, I was happy it was over for another year and now this twit is playing Christmas music four days after Christmas!


Yes, I'm a grump in the morning, don't talk to me before coffee or before 10 am.

Damn, I can still hear that music.

alice ttlg [December 29, 2002 10:33 AM] Thank goodness, they've turned it off so now I can enjoy the peaceful quiet again! Plus I got my cup of coffee so I'm feeling more civil. :)

Speak to me

December 28, 2002  ::  Saturday

07:22 PM
Observatorium Owwww

I cut my finger on something at the computer store, just below the nail cuticle and it hurts! Went with mom and the stepbear to big computer store, I'm the family tech and I'm very good at spending money on computer stuff! Got them a router/hub so they can hook up both computer and laptop to cable modem when they're both working in the office/bedroom and a USB board, gah, I hope that works okay, I've never messed with adding one of those, when I built this computer, the motherboard had USB ports in it and add-on anything can be problematic.

We poked around for a good chess game for stepbear, he wants to recreate chess games from the NY Times and also be able to play with his brother when he comes to town on the computer, but most of the games appeared to be playing on line or playing against the computer, not being able to lay out both sides. We did find a good casino collection with craps in it for him too and cables for the router/hub and converters for USB cables and a PS2 Y connector that I'm going to see if it'll work with two mice on the same port (fancy one for mom and simple two button one for the grandrugrat), I dunno, the computer might just have a nervous breakdown tho. If that doesn't work, I might try hooking up the second mouse on one of the USB ports.

Then we had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, where I stuffed myself on my favorite fettucine! And the stepbear and my brother took back the banquet tables and chairs today so I don't have to mess with that, a very good thing, had to haul the nasty things around on Monday for Christmas Eve dinner.

December 23, 2002  ::  Monday

09:51 PM
Observatorium Nagging Annoyances, Part 4

And maybe this storm will blow those branches or whatever off the A/C and I won't have to mess with it in the morning!

I love storms, although if the power's going to go out, I'd rather be with friends or family so we can light candles and stay up playing games and spooking each other. I got drunk for the first time during a blackout with my cousins, Kurt made rum and lemonade, the cool drink that summer and we played card games by candlelight till the power came back on in the early morning hours.

But now I prefer my storms not too malevolent, I'd rather the power stayed on (crossing fingers and knocking on wood) which so far in this house, it has pretty much. A couple times a transformer got blown out but both times were during the day, I think I'd be freaked out if it happened in the night, mostly cause the batteries in my flashlight are dead (oops, I really did mean to get more!) and it would be freaky walking thru the house.

09:07 PM
Observatorium Nagging Annoyances, Part 2

Hmm, okay, now I really wish I had gone and investigated that odd banging thing on the A/C when it was still light outside, the A/C just made a weird noise like it was starting up on its own (it's a window unit, not central, I haven't touched it all day) and then it quit. It shouldn't be doing that. I've unplugged it for now in case that's some non-branch thing banging around out there and I'll check it in the morning for sure.

06:50 PM
Observatorium Nagging annoyances

I really wish I'd gone outside earlier when it was light and gotten whatever it is (branches of some sort) that keeps banging on the A/C unit off of it! eek.

06:12 PM
Observatorium Dripping wet

Gah. I hate humidity. Especially when it's December, especially when I have to help my brother schlep two heavy banquet tables and ten chairs from the hotel to his house and I have to leave the window on the back of my car open for the tables to hang out.

I have never understood people who go to health clubs for a sauna, why bother when you can just stand outside and get the same thing for free?

December 18, 2002  ::  Wednesday

01:40 PM
Observatorium Absentee

Um, yeah, I know I haven't posted much lately, but I have been updating the side bar and putting up purty pics, does that count? :) And it's too hot to post!

November 22, 2002  ::  Friday

01:23 PM
Observatorium More streaming incoherency

Got a few more messages from my weird stalker so I updated the page, the new stuff is towards the end:

Stream of Consciousness from a Tom Cruise fan

Isabella [November 28, 2002 01:25 PM] That's pretty odd and interesting at the same time.... ^_^

alice ttlg [November 29, 2002 08:14 PM] Isn't it? It has kind of a rhythm to it, if you allow for the atrocious spelling and fill in a word here and there. It's got some vivid imagery, "nancy ran back, waving her sunbonnet, singing, fling straight up into the sky" and "the dim wagon track went no further on the prairie...the stable was small and it was not made of logs, grass grew on its walls and its roof was covered with growing grasses blowing in the wind..." and "so much she love you so much she need you you are in the room in the wall..." It's kind of like the movie Vanilla Sky, surreal and changing constantly, never clear about what's a dream and what's real.

Speak to me

November 21, 2002  ::  Thursday

10:36 AM
Observatorium Got brains?

Acting may require talent but it certainly doesn't require brains:

Leonardo di Caprio: I think ultimately success is good. Failure not so good.

Guess he never heard the old adage, it is better to be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt...

November 12, 2002  ::  Tuesday

12:51 PM
Observatorium Vroooommmm!

I'm James Bond! Or at least, I should be driving his car...

Click on the pic to take the Movie Dream Car Quiz and find out what you should be driving!

November 09, 2002  ::  Saturday

10:19 PM
Observatorium Streaming incoherency

I got more messages from the stalker, so I took down the contact page entirely but then I read them and it's getting kind of fun so I put the page back up and I put up all the messages here (but I removed the snail mail address and phone number):

Stream of Consciousness from a Tom Cruise fan

November 03, 2002  ::  Sunday

06:34 PM
Observatorium Quizzical

Usually I don't take those "what kind of _____" quizzes but someone else took this one and the answer was centaur so I thought that was cool and I took the quiz and I got something even better, I'm Pegasus!

I'm Pegasus!

That's cool, Pegasus was always one of my favorite mythical creatures, I love horses and a horse that can fly is three times as good!

November 01, 2002  ::  Friday

05:10 PM
Observatorium I can't believe I ate the whole thing

Oooooh, I am so stuffed! I   c a n   b a r e l y   m o v e   e n o u g h   t o   t y p e....

12:07 PM
Observatorium· Weather Blah, blah, blah...

Blah, blah, blah. Just a blah week, nothing interesting, not even on TV. They're saving all the good stuff for sweeps next week and so everything just sort of sucks this week. Of course, I haven't watched everything from this week so maybe I just watched the wrong shows....or maybe it's just me. Either I sleep too much and my neck bothers me which gives me a headache over my left eye (not a migraine, a muscle spasm from my neck) or I don't hardly sleep which makes me cranky and last night and today, my stomache's upset and I just feel all yucky.

Blechhh. Only really good thing is the weather!

October 30, 2002  ::  Wednesday

04:05 PM
Observatorium Ennui

When it rains, I write and when the sun shines, I shut up. At least that's how it's working lately. But I've also been busy obsessing over Boomtown and Detective Joel Stevens so that's also why I've been quiet, looking up pics and rewatching eps! :)

And I just can't seem to find any energy lately, which is odd because usually fall energizes me, but I just don't have much.

October 22, 2002  ::  Tuesday

06:35 PM
Observatorium The Ugly American

I've been wandering thru more blogs over the last few weeks, found some real good ones and some mediocre ones and some boring ones and so it was inevitable that I would find the Ugly American blog.

For the sake of 3,000 plus people who lost their lives, she can't be bothered to spare some time out of ONE day of her silly life? Noooo, she's SPECIAL and the customs people should just KNOW she's not a terrorist and just wave her on thru without even stopping them at all. Sheesh. I hope she goes to Canada and stays there but she'd probably just spend the rest of her life bitching to every Canadian she met about why she'd left the awful USA and how it was so mean to her and they'd deport her back to the US and I wouldn't blame them.

06:06 PM
Observatorium Life in the funnies

Doonesbury knows all....

I have to confess tho, that I have lost track of who the younger generation is on Doonesbury, I know Mike and Joanie and BD and Boopsie and Zonker (of course, he's my hero!) but the kids, I missed something along the way, there were years where I didn't get a paper and wasn't online yet and then didn't know I could read it online and so I'm just lost. But they're fun anyway.

October 20, 2002  ::  Sunday

12:58 PM
Observatorium Searching for the right words

Every so often, I like to surf thru the referring sites in my counter stats, especially the search engine ones, I like to see what search terms are finding my sites.

Oh my, some people were probably very confused by my blog turning up in their search results. Let's see...

pumpkin templates naked men waterfall Al Stewart End of the Day Do you know the way to San Jose open links in new windows random noise coda stop flash ads

Hmm, that last one and variations of it are getting a lot of hits on the couple entries I wrote about Mozilla a while ago. Just to add to it, I finally got really frustrated with Flash and renamed the Mozilla plug in file so now I don't see flash ads anymore, don't see any flash at all but so far I haven't missed it. If there's a site with flash that I really really want to see, I'll open it in IE or something.

And I'm getting quite a few hits off the Fuck Homophobia webring which is cool, everyone should join!

October 19, 2002  ::  Saturday

09:51 AM
Observatorium Half-done

I just can't seem to finish anything. Usually that's not a problem for me, but lately, I seem to have five projects that I've started and I just can't seem to get them finished. I don't know why and it's frustrating, I wake up thinking, I'll get that one done and I sit down at the computer and think, I'll get this one done and over with and then something happens and I get to the end of the day and nothing's done.

Some of it is due to having more domains, three webhosts and hosting alot of people. More problems to deal with, more time spent investigating and more techs in more places to talk to. If I can just get some of these archives moved around, I'm going to get volunteers to help with uploading stories all around which will help get some of this stuff of my to-do list and leave time for more fun stuff. :)

October 18, 2002  ::  Friday

08:46 PM
Observatorium Body in Motion

I started walking again last night for the first time in months, started that "body in motion" calendar on the right in the hopes of keeping at it in the hope that it will help my neck, relieve some stress and keep me from getting those nasty muscle spasms from my back thru my neck and across the top of my head into my left eyeball.

Interesting to see what's changed and what hasn't in the neighborhood over the last year. As long as it's cool, I can do it, I may skip tonight since it's warmed back up again but we're supposed to get another cool front thru soon, tomorrow I think.

October 17, 2002  ::  Thursday

03:34 PM
Observatorium Cacophonus symphonies

In the summer, there's mostly just bluejays around here, noisy, swooping down on my cats (who have no idea how to hunt anything larger than a lizard :)), but in the fall and spring as the myriad migrations go thru, it becomes a raucous symphony outside my window! Trilling and shreaking and whistling from all manner of birds. I've had a couple cardinal pairs each spring, there's woodpeckers that wander thru and the standard assortment of sparrows and we get rock pigeons, too, not the black and gray ones you see in a park, these are a soft tan, they fade into concrete sidewalks and they coo like doves. They tend to be rather stupid too and provide my cat Katie with the most entertainment, they stay on the ground longer so she stalks them although even they see long before she reaches them and fly off. And crows and grackles and they land on the A/C unit and make a racket with their feet walking on the metal box which echoes thru the room and freaks the cats out.

October 16, 2002  ::  Wednesday

10:05 AM
Observatorium Mornings

I'm a night person. But I like mornings too, especially in the fall and winter when I've turned off the A/C so I can hear all the noises from outside. I like really early in the morning, shortly after the sun comes up, I like the quiet and listening to creatures begin to stir, birds begin to sing and the squirrels begin to scurry around, the distant sound of a lawnmower and the scent of new mown grass drifting in the window. And especially in the fall and winter, the chillness of the air while the sun begins a promise of warmth.

Some breakfast, a cup of coffee, a little news in the browser window...

October 13, 2002  ::  Sunday

10:43 AM
Internet· Observatorium· Rants & Whines Grump

I am in such a bad mood this morning. I just want to sit here and cry. I'm so tired of dealing with jerks and so frustrated. And I'm probably PMSing which doesn't help any. And it's a gorgeous day! (My definition of gorgeous, overcast, breezy and getting cooler as the front blows in!) Which makes me even more pissed off and frustrated because all these jerks around me are distracting me so I can't really enjoy it.

Something did cross my mind last night, about why I like websites and hosting so much, it's the instant gratification. At least once an account is all set up and it's working, it's fairly instant. Once can change something, add an email address, a subdomain, a forward, a spam block, or delete them in a flash. The frustration comes when they break down or when a change has to be made by the people at the webhost, then it can become a time-consuming venture occupying days. But otherwise, when things are running (and webhosts aren't upgrading/breaking things), it's instant gratification.

And I am so tired of talking to techs. I'm sure they're all heartily sick of me too, I'd be more than happy to leave them alone but it's their servers that break or they do upgrades that break other stuff so I end up talking to them. I just want them to fix it and then leave the damn servers alone!

If stupid WHN would just give me the access info for the new domain, I'd be off their backs in a flash and go work on my new website and leave their lazy asses alone. But since they've decided to be jerks and basically lock me out of my account, I'm going to pester them because I can't make any announcements about the new email or site until they give me access and then I'll still have to wait three or four days for the DNS to settle.

Xeran, otoh, my original and current webhost for my first domain, I haven't talked to them in literally over a year, except to change my billing my annual to monthly which they did promptly. I haven't filed a trouble ticket in 18 months or more. The drawback is that they don't offer as many features or as much webspace as the other two webhosts but they also have less problems because they don't offer all that extra stuff and they don't do upgrades every week so things just work and work and work and work...which is why I keep hanging on to them, because it *works*.

And there's nothing on TV! (humming 57 channels and nothing on...)

October 12, 2002  ::  Saturday

11:01 AM
Observatorium 99 bottles of beer on the wall

From the BBC:

Scientists say one drink of beer a day will help people's sight by preventing cataracts. Beer, particularly ales and stouts, contain high levels of antioxidant chemicals, believed to cut the risk of heart disease....They recommend that one drink of beer a day is enough to offer protection. Diabetics in particular could be helped by the finding.

Off to the pub for me!

October 11, 2002  ::  Friday

12:32 PM
Observatorium Multi-colored cheese

I've been wandering some more politically aware blogs which accounts for my recent rants but every so often there's one that veers off topic, like this one, skip over the Senator Byrd (very long) paragraph, it's not that funny and read the stuff about the child and the grocery store! And I too long for the days when movies where just movies, not marketing ventures and product placement.

And read this one too! Cook the bacon till the plate glows and eat the organic yogurt from a plastic container....ROTFL!

There was a letter in the WSJ the other day admonishing people for watching the show, because it lacks an ethical construct, and hence means we have been reduced to judging works solely on their aesthetic qualities.

ROTFL! You mean we're not supposed to be judging them on their aesthetic qualities???? And here I've been doing it wrong all these years....

October 10, 2002  ::  Thursday

09:17 PM
Observatorium Words, words, words, all I get are words!

Okay, this is really long but definitely worth it! It's just cool to examine how we talk, the Dialect Survey.

08:14 PM
Observatorium Randomness

And I have no idea where I found the link to this site, twenty-five seconds of silence but it looks fairly interesting.

Addendum: I remembered I found it on the Movable Type site.

08:05 PM
Observatorium Kidhood

I found WilWheaton.net a few months ago but most times I checked it, it was kind of boring so I forgot about it. I stumbled across a link to it on another blog I was checking out and clicked it and found this fascinating musing on being a parent and being a kid again.

October 09, 2002  ::  Wednesday

01:50 PM
Internet· Observatorium· Rants & Whines Who is that blob and why should I care?

A continuation of yesterday's rant on LiveJournals...

All those icons on the LJ pages and especially the comments pages is really distracting, half the time, I'm trying to figure out who the heck is in the icon cause it's big enough to notice but not big enough to really make out anything and half the time it's some original or anime character that I wouldn't know anyway. Oh yeah, what was that you were saying?

Which is the point of the LJ or blog, right? To talk? But there's all this gunk all over and I can't get to the words.

LJ starts off with a black mark from me anyway because you have to *know* someone, you have toget a code to get in and that kind of exclusivity on the net, which is all about inclusiveness, about being open and available to all, just really bugs the hell out of me. It's not that I can't get a code, I've had various opportunities to get one but I refuse, I don't care if everyone in the world gets an LJ and makes everything private, I refuse, it reminds me of all the worst things of high schools, the cliques and so on. I refuse to perpetuate that kind of idea, that kind of segregation, of mean-spiritedness, of "I'm in and you're out, nyah-nyah-nyah". And it is perpetuated at LJ, thru the codes and the "friends" list and it matters to people if they're on someone's friends list and if they're taken off, they get all these hurt feelings. Why do people deliberately do this? This is high school junk, judging ourselves as good or worthless based on whose friends list we're on. It was dumb back then and it's even dumber now when we're mostly older and should know better.

And then there's the really boring templates, so many of the sites are exactly the same, slightly different colors but all the same bland layout. Apparently you can't change the template without upgrading to the pay version of LJ so it's all this conformity thing like the Pep Squad uniforms. Yeesh.

I'm just generally grumpy today, so you should just generally never mind me. The weather sucks, stupid stuff from the gulf chock full of humidity has kept us in a sauna and pushed that promised cool front to the north and so it's just icky. And this kind of weather really affects me, especially since I hold my breath all summer and try not to bitch too much and wait for the fall and it's freaking October and there's no fucking fall.

So never mind me.

October 07, 2002  ::  Monday

01:55 PM
Observatorium Laughter in the morning

Sunday's Dilbert

Wally's annual performance review: Your overall rating is "feral". Your leadership skills are rated "squirrelly". Your teamwork is a solid "coot". Your long term potential is to die in the landscaping and become compost.
Dilbert: How'd it go? Wally: I wasn't really listening.


October 05, 2002  ::  Saturday

05:35 PM
Observatorium August and Everything After...

As the sun fades from the sky and coolness invades the room and colors flicker across the monitor and Counting Crows envelopes the room and the cats softly sleeping, I watch Cruel Intentions with the sound off and thundery noises come from a distance.

October 01, 2002  ::  Tuesday

11:02 PM
Observatorium King of Pain

I need a new drug....muscle spasms from my neck across my skull to my forehead which then morph into a migraine make for such a lovely day. (NOT)

September 28, 2002  ::  Saturday

10:48 AM
Internet· Observatorium Googly-oogly

Google has a news page now! http://news.google.com/

A wonderful assortment of headlines from all over, linked to the various places they came from. I clicked on one last night and ended up spending an hour or two deliciously wandering the BBC site. I miss England! Specifically London and Scotland, I love London, it's my kind of city, wonderful for walking and great public transport (the Tube!) and all those lovely romantic big black cabs. The restaurants, the theatre, the small bedsits, the winding streets, the HISTORY of it all, the sense that people walked there five hundred, six hundred years or more before me.

And Scotland...not the cities, but the highlands, I never felt like that before, closest was Wisconsin, walking into the highlands, it was home, something I felt in my heart that I never expected. It was the beginning of winter, the grass was all brown and the trees bare and some would say summer or fall would be better but it didn't matter, this was home. Caught me off guard, still does.

I started out talking about Google, didn't I? The beauty of their news page is that they draw from news sources all over the world, so it's a much more balanced view of things than any single source can provide. I can read an article in the BBC about American politics or an article in the Times of India about British politics and I can read about the UN Iraq resolution in Reuters or the Washington Post or the Iraq Daily. It's all done by computers so there's no human bias involved. It's quite amazing!

10:37 AM
Observatorium· TV· Weather Stacks and stacks of tapes

As you might have guessed by my last entry, I've been lost in TV land this week, watching the premieres of new and old shows all week! After the long rerun hell of summer with only two new shows, one fabulous (The Wire) and one a dud (Witchblade), I finally have a lovely stack of tapes with all sorts of new stuff sitting next to my vcr waiting for me to watch them. I love fall!

And it is fall, finally, really, amazingly, it's actually cooler here in September for once, temps in the 80's instead of 90's like most years or 100's like we had two years ago. I've got my windows open and the A/C turned off and it's wonderful!

My aunt wrote this:

This morning I realised FALL IS COMING. There was that SNAP to the air this morning. October country will soon be here.

For some people, it's the closing of the year.......for me it doesn't feel like that. It's an END to the oppressive jungle funk of summer....of baked dry creek beds........mosquito and tick and chigger bites. It's the OVEN heat inside a parked car. It's the unending BUZZZZZZZ of the cicadas. The itch......the sweat......the MELT of summertime, when the "livin' is easy"......ONLY for catfish.

The leaves are starting to turn to cool flame in the woods.....the sky is achingly blue and clear and the mornings are downright CRISP. There's the hazy dewfrost on the grass in the morning. There's the smell of woodsmoke on the evening air.....and the eyeblinking brightness of dappled light in the woods. There's the snort and rustle of surprised deer.

The smell of fresh pumpkin pie and roasted turkey and the mouth-watering fragrance of sage cornbread stuffing.....the hot buttery aroma of turkey gravy. The clink and whisper of silverware and table linen and special glasses as the table is set in the dining room. The distant roar of football games on tv.......the hiss and crackle of burning wood in the fireplace.

Fall is coming.

She lives in the country just a bit further north than me so she does have deer wandering around her house in the mornings and the trees do turn colorful but it's all the same things to me, she's 12 years older than me but we have most all the same reference points, the 60's, rock and roll, being liberals and all those Thanksgiving dinners together when I was a kid.

Fall has always been my most favorite time of year, I did hate the summers with my cousins up in Wisconsin coming to an end, especially when I got a big crush on one of the boys across the lake but especially since I got out of school and started working and don't have those three month vacations up there anymore, I love the fall. I love winter too, I love the cold and the steely gray skies and bringing out winter coats and sweaters. I love walking in it, feeling the cold on my cheeks, the chilly wind thru my hair and turning my ears to icicles. And dragging out the big thick quilt for the bed and the cats sleeping next to me, one on each side, pinning me to the bed and slipping reluctantly out in the morning to jump in a hot shower.

My favorite time of year!

September 23, 2002  ::  Monday

06:13 PM
Observatorium Like waterfalls

I'd say something if my brain were working...but it's just so beautiful right now, the weather has cooled, it's actually fall like. And my brain is fried and I just can't seem to focus, I just want to sit here and feel the breeze wash over me like a waterfall........

September 20, 2002  ::  Friday

03:52 PM
Observatorium Lightbulbs

I have to control everything in the world, make it all just right and perfect, otherwise the world won't need me and they'll toss me aside and won't notice me at all. But if I can make it all perfect, then they'll need to do that and they'll think I'm a great person because I can do that and they'll love me and want me. If people would just drive how I think they should and would stand in line how I think they should and would talk or not talk like I think they should or bind reports like I think they should or do things in the order and at the time I think they should, then everything would be perfect. And if everything else was perfect, I wouldn't have any problems or troubles ever again and my life would be perfect too, some handsome guy would come along and fall in love with me and marry me and take care of me.

And if the world won't be like I want it, won't listen to me, won't do things perfectly like I think it should be done and thus won't ever need me or want me or love me, then I'll hide in my house and pretend it doesn't exist. If I never leave it, then I don't have to worry about rent or bills or food, time will just stop and I can exist in this little bubble.

And then he said something about women in their forties who have been doing it all and then hit a metabolic drop and fall to pieces because they can't juggle all the same balls in the air anymore. That was me two years ago and still is me. All those years being perfect on the outside and people do believe it, they think you are okay and have it all together and they tell you that and inside I was feeling like such a fraud and still am, like I need to do penance for for that deception, fooling people into thinking I was a success when I was really such a failure. And it finally got to a point where I stopped doing it and wanted people to say I was a failure, wanted them to fire me and they didn't. They gave me raises and bonuses and I would think, phew, I fooled them for another year, suckers. So I hated them for being taken in by me and I hated myself for not being what they thought I was, what I wanted to be.

September 14, 2002  ::  Saturday

01:36 AM
Observatorium PS

I talk way too much. :)

September 13, 2002  ::  Friday

12:47 AM
Internet· Observatorium Where's that little check box?

Ow. My eyes hurt! Staring at browser windows side by side, copying and pasting info from one window to the other, checking tiny little boxes on one side to match the settings on the other....eep. My eyes hurt.

And then there's the tax accountant who can't understand the idea of an adjustment entry, yes, I took it out of that account and I put it where it belongs, look in the other account. My ears hurt.

12:44 AM
Observatorium· TV Lost time

Wow, has it really been since Sunday that I posted here? I got lost in all the 9/11 stuff, I guess, not all the sappy stuff, there were some good specials that talked about the engineering aspects of the buildings, the technical problems the firefighters had and details of how some people got out, like the one staircase in the south tower that happened to dogleg around the crash area and thus was completely passable from the upper floors.

And I did watch a bit of the stuff on Wednesday, the ceremonies from Ground Zero, the reading of the names and so on. But TV was a bit surreal too, I happened to watch a special on Tuesday night about 9/11, firefighters and such and then flipped the channel at 10 pm to catch the Third Watch reruns and they were showing the ep from last fall that's set after 9/11 so it was more of similar stuff but not, I finally turned it off cause it was too freaky.

September 03, 2002  ::  Tuesday

10:55 AM
Internet· Observatorium· Rants & Whines Wake with caffeine

And then I woke up, I lay there listening to the Bee Gees sing 'More than a Woman' till the cat turned it off (rubbing her face on the clock, she hits the button to turn off the alarm) and I realized it was rather dark for so late in the morning and I realized I had a headache. I have a theory that the incoming rain storm brings on a headache, change in the pressure or something. It's nice that it's cloudy and it won't be so hot today but give me that caffeine pill and some coca-cola to get rid of the aches and pains!

And the damn email filters that I set up on my new domain didn't work right, didn't block the stupid "I have visited your website and we can increase your traffic!" spam.

09:52 AM
Movies· Observatorium Sleep with dreams

I did dream, all sorts of weird stuff, one dream where I was a kid, 10 or 11 and other kids were picking on me, chasing me and I was upset, nothing real, not kids I used to know or anything, just this random being a kid and other kids picking on me, even the surrounding landscape wasn't anything I knew, just random surburbia.

And then I dreamt about X-Men. I've only seen the movie, never read the comics at all but I dreamt about Remy who I only know from snips here and there of fanfiction with him before I hit the delete key. I've picked up that he's Cajun? Creole? Something New Orleans with lots of "cheri" and "darlin" kind of Louisiana southern accent. I dreamt that he had longish black hair, olive complexion and was wearing this red satin cowboy shirt with western embroidery, a little fringe and tight black jeans, talking in that Louisiana southern accent and he was a vampire! Which totally doesn't fit the X-Men but in the dream it did.

August 29, 2002  ::  Thursday

11:27 PM
Music· Observatorium End of the Day

I am sad. So much of today and yesterday seemed like so many struggles and somehow they all feel rather pointless. A little talking, a little kindness, would have gone so much further.

"She wants to run out where the day meets the night, far beyond these midwest farms..."

I feel like I've been butting up against a wall of silence all day. Techs at webhosts who won't talk, parents who won't talk, and those who do talk aren't saying much that's worthwhile.

"The last time that I saw her she had given up the chase, moved away to California, got a suntan on her face. She says that life was just another time, another space. It's over now, she learned alot, it's not a waste..."

Do you know the way to San Jose?

"But all these imperfections never bothered her at all, she says it sharpens your perception when your back's against the wall. There's something that enables her to rise above it all, to shrug it off just when it seems to go too far..."

August 28, 2002  ::  Wednesday

02:57 PM
Observatorium Who do you believe?

Yes, I'm late on my rent, (again) so my landlord called me and wanted to know when I'd be sending money and she's always incredibly nice and polite on the phone, she will get a little stern when I've been months behind but she's always pleasant, she'll ask how I'm doing and such, just nice as can be.

But then the property manager (landlord lives out of town) is just rude and aggressive as can be, she smokes, she's rough and off sense of humor (and she has all these enormous birdcages with cockatoos and parrots all over her house!) but she tells me that landlord is all for kicking me out right away and that it's only her (the manager) who's convinced her to wait and give me a few more days to pay.

How the hell do you know who's telling the truth?

August 21, 2002  ::  Wednesday

10:22 PM
La Familia· Observatorium· TV First Days

Yeah, it's new, so there's nothing much here. I had another blog but I, uh, foolishly told my family about it so now I can't talk about them on it anymore. (dumb me!) So I started this one instead. I'm still messing with the page design, took one of the fairly blah templates that blogger has just to get this started. I want to wander around blogskins and see what I can find there and then tweak it to suit me.

Apropos of nothing, Mike Logan is really cute in the second season of L&O, the first three years of that show were the best.

And it's amazing how well All in the Family has held up, the humor is good, Caroll O'Connor was a great actor and I like the interaction between Archie and his wife. Reminds me of my grandparents, not in the tone or the way he treated her, but just that they both knew each so well, all those years together. She knows how he likes his rice pudding but she still asks him every time how he wants it and he still gives the same answer every time.

And actually, now that I think about it, Archie and Edith could be my stepdad's parents, his father was a nasty old man, not as bigoted but incredibly self-righteous and just like Archie, no-one could ever persuade him that he was wrong. He worked till the day he died, never wanted anything fancy, lived in the same house he bought in 1960, never got new furniture or rugs or did any renovations. Main thing he bought was a new TV and he only had three of those in forty years (and he didn't get rid of the broken ones either, kept them as furniture!)

Yep, he was an Archie and stepdad's mom was an Edith, she was a nurse when she met him, quit her job after they married to be a housewife, cooked and cleaned, did all his meals exactly like he wanted, tiptoed around the house every afternoon while he took his nap.

The character of Mike suffers over the years tho, he and Gloria come off as shrill and the knee jerk reactions to Archie's bigotry are annoying.

Mike reminds me a bit of stepdad's son....and that living room looks just like stepdad's parent's house!

05:29 PM
Observatorium Beginning

Here, here.

Katie Jones [August 24, 2002 01:21 AM] There, there.

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