January 26, 2006  ::  Thursday

08:53 AM 
Observatorium :-(

What's really sad is that most of the people I know in real life would not appreciate this, some might find it mildy amusing but would be upset or even horrified that I would want to buy their wall calender so I can enjoy it all year long because they take it far too seriously.

My brother's the only person who could appreciate it, he wouldn't buy it because he doesn't buy calendars or notecards, but he would appreciate it. That's surprising because for most of my life, my mother has been the cool one, she burned her bra in the 70's and smoked pot and dated a man 17 years younger than her but she's changed quite a bit over the last ten years. At least she still votes Democrat...

My boss *groan* is one of those who lives by those stupid motivational posters, he'll hate this thing. *evil grin*

(What led me to the site is a news article at Techdirt about Despair.com jokingly trademarking the :-( emoticon. They have a sense of humor!)

January 24, 2006  ::  Tuesday

11:13 AM 
Working for a Living Gotta get out of this job

It's amazing how quickly this job has gone bad, less than a year and I absolutely dread coming to work each day. I like everyone here except for the PHB who runs this office. I've worked for a bunch of different bosses over the years but this guy is amazingly bad. He obsesses over tiny things (like vacuuming the carpets), he says stuff that he later vigorously denies (to the point of making up something else that must have been what he said) and he is really good at transferring blame to others (and if you don't willingly accept the blame, then you have an attitude problem).

Last week I was late with a daily report and he got upset about that, okay fine, I can understand that, I was late because of our broken accounting software that makes everything take three or four times as long as it should but it was late nevertheless. Yesterday, I got the report out on time and he got upset at me. Why? Because he made changes last week to some of the info that goes in the report and never gave me the updated info.

He rarely does give his revisions and updates tho, I always find out from someone else that he's made changes when I hand out the report and someone says, "oh this is all wrong, PHB changed all that several days ago". Monday morning, someone told me that when I handed out Friday's report so when I did Monday's report, I removed the bad info, figuring better to have nothing than erroneous info. A blank column would cause people to look for the right data elsewhere (like in the emailed reports he sends to everyone but me) while a column of erroneous data would lead people to think the wrong thing. But noooooo, apparently PHB would much rather I issue the report with the wrong data.

Sheesh. And I'm still waiting on him to give me the correct data for today's report.

Jason [January 24, 2006 11:30 AM] Sheesh.. Maybe someone should anonymously send him that resignation letter I posted in your LJ..

Speak to me

January 22, 2006  ::  Sunday

08:33 PM 
La Familia It's my birthday...

and I'll party if I want to...or not. :)

Since my stepdad will likely be going back into the hospital for hip surgery either next week or the week after, my mom gave me birthday presents early, we were supposed to go to breakfast out at the Hyatt this morning but I didn't sleep well and woke up all achy and stiff so instead I went to La Madelaine and got lots of food for mom, stepdad and me and took it to their house. We ate, talked, I opened presents, a wonderful back rest so I can read in bed again (and it works way better than some of those reviews say), a Hoyt Axton CD, Second Sight 1, a fabulous English detective mini-series with Clive Owen, lavender liquid soap and hand lotion from Williams-Sonoma (which I have wanted every time I wash my hands in Mom's kitchen) and Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain (which the short-lived wonderful Fox sitcom this last fall was based on).

January 21, 2006  ::  Saturday

08:03 PM 
Rants & Whines Not Boring

Sufi Dancer in Cairo. Not my picture, found it in the Flickr Blog, Flickr staff picks interesting/good stuff and posts it there, afaik. Click on the pic of the dancer to go to the photographer's Flickr page and see more from Egypt.

*pout* I want to live someplace where they do interesting things. Houston is boring. (And no, it's not just because I've lived here forever and I take things for granted, I know other cities well enough to know they *aren't* boring.) (I need to do like Lisa and start planning to live *somewhere else*, doesn't have to be abroad, just somewhere other than *here*.)

10:47 AM 
Internet Links blog updated

Added a bunch of cycling links to my links blog today...

January 19, 2006  ::  Thursday

07:39 PM 
Butt-moving There's exercise and then there's the real thing

Since I started riding the bus last September, I stopped riding my bike, plus it was just way too hot back then anyway and then daylight savings time ended and it was pitch dark when I got home every night. I kept thinking I'd ride my stationary bike inside but I never did. I never have really, it sits in one corner of my bedroom, accumulating clothes each week till I do laundry on Sunday.

I've realized why I just never could do the stationary bike regularly and also why a gym doesn't work for me either. Riding my bike is more than the exercise, it's the sense of motion, the wind on my face, the sense of *going*, somewhere, anywhere, nowhere, and the speed, I love being able to just roll along or to go fast when I want. I can usually keep going to the halfway point before I want to quit and then I have to keep going just to get home so I'm forced to do the whole way and it becomes a matter of pride in myself to not quit early.

But with machines in a gym or my stationary bike, there's no going, there's no halfway point, I can stop any time and even without thinking it, I know that. Plus riding my bike is about being outside, being in the neighborhood, I moved here because I wanted a neighborhood with people and kids and pets out and about and I look around and I think about things or I think about nothing and that's good too. And when I get home, I'm tired, a good, used-my-muscles type of tired.

I was thinking last summer that I wanted a new bike, one that was a bit easier, where I could sit back a bit more, have higher handlebars but I've also realized that this is the best bike for me. I've got a mountain bike, with the straight handlebars and it forces me to lean forward just enough to work my back muscles and my shoulders and arms and even my wrists to help with the CTS and RSI from all the time on the keyboard. Mot importantly, that workout of my back and shoulders helps to cut down hugely on the migraines and tension headaches I get otherwise, my back and shoulders just get more and more tense, especially if I'm stressed.

I got home a bit earlier tonight than usual and I wanted to get out on my bike, just cause it feels good for my body and my soul to expend that energy out in the (mostly) fresh air. And it did feel good, even though it was fully dark by the time I got back, the clouds helped keep it lighter and it felt so good to be out and feel the wind and pedal faster, faster, faster!

07:38 PM 
Working for a Living Broken...

Late this morning, we find we cannot send out email, message that disk is full. IM my boss, he's determined that's the webhost's fault. However, it's more likely because he never deletes his mail off the server and has now filled up our 2 gig space (website is tiny). Boss goes off to call webhost, I go to get office supplies and to lunch. I come back, he's IM'd me that he's sent me some invoices by email. I check email, nada. He says impossible, he's sent me three emails! I suggest that perhaps if the disk is full, it can't receive email anymore than it can send out email....

This place is so broken.

Monday night, we had heavy thunderstorms here and lots of wind Monday night and into Tuesday afternoon. Some trees across the freeway werw leaning on the power lines and our power kept blipping out again and again most of Tuesday till they got all the tree branches chopped down. Since TPTB here thought it was a waste of money to put a UPS on the server and workstations, we got virtually no work done at all that day. The power would blip out, the server would turn off. I'd turn it on and by the time I walked back to my office, it'd blip again. Or I'd get to my desk, reboot my PC and the power would blip again and so it went all day.

Then my boss (one of those TPTBs) sent a nasty email to everyone whining about how someone restarted the server without warning him and he lost 1 1/2 hours of work! I explained that it was the power going out for 2 seconds that shut down the server and if we'd had even a $40 UPS with five minutes of battery power, he wouldn't have lost all that work. Sixty seconds later, I get an email from him telling me to buy a UPS for the server.

Soooooooooo broken.

TPTB decided that I should also buy one $40 UPS for one PC so they could see how that worked the next time the power went out. (This was the third serious power problems since I came here last March, one was because they didn't pay the bill on time and the other two were from storms.) The one the company is buying goes on the PC of the CRM database administrator and I'm spending my own $40 to get one for me, it's worth it to reduce the stress of working here.

Broke, broke, broke. And no-one wants to fix it.

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