March 18, 2005  ::  Friday

06:47 PM 
Observatorium A sampling of classical literature, courtesy of spammers


head of cattle as a ransom, thereafter granting me unmolested pas
Cartagena will be drenched in blood, and whatever the outcome the
dreaminess; his mind increasingly uneasy. At length Miss Bishop
young nobleman had been an active agent of the Duke's. To be su
Lord of Heaven! he stormed. Was there ever such a canting,
Because he's just a damned pirate, as I can prove, as I have pro
comprehensive glimpse before his own decks were invaded by a wild
Don Francisco fear the worst. He was not to guess that it was
And the North Star ahead almost over your starboard bow means th
Bridgewater in their worship of the handsome Monmouth.
They may go to the devil when they please.
The Spaniard sighed, and sat upright to face the returning Captai
Castilian gentlemen were capable.
which he had equipped himself he was able to verify that, as he
Are you, indeed? he roared. Well, then, I am not. This is a

Have a good day.

It used to be that spammers took paragraphs from other text, now they appear to be taking a single line from 15-20 sources, making for some very interesting reading. And it comes with much better spelling than the actual spam message, of course. I think spammers should be penalized by the number of spelling errors (both accidental and on purpose) contained in their silly missives. Like any rational person would be willing to pay money for \\/i@ gr@...

March 03, 2005  ::  Thursday

10:26 PM 
Rants & Whines I'm pissed, I'm tired, I'm mad...

I'm pissed, I'm tired, I'm angry at my brother for being the chowder headed dunce that he is and not speaking to me for the last month because of something his wife did that he's transferred the blame to, I'm tired of spammers, I'm tired of cleaning up messes from people who can't pay attention to what they're doing or ask a simple question before they do it, I'm tired of idiot people who tell me a file is really really small, only 7k when it turns out to 7 meg, you dunce! and I'm tired of trying to make sense of a nonsense error messages and not being able to find any info about nonsense error messages and stupid websites that make it difficult to impossible to navigate from one part of their site to another when it's as simple as putting a bloody link on the page and the site in question is a web technology company who should know fucking better, I'm pissed at having to constantly turn off and curtail features because of stupid spammers, I'm nervous about the job I start Monday which they haven't called to confirm today like they said they would and it's a crappy hole in the wall place to work that might turn into a permanent job which I desperately need and while the guy I'd work for seems nice enough and organized, it's a thirty minute toll road away every single day to a really barren part of town where Sonic, McDonalds and IHop are considered haute cuisine (not that I demand a four star restaurant but just something more than that, there's not even a decent grocery store with a good deli in the area) and no particular good prospects and while I'd only stay a year or so till I build up my webhosting and other self-employed work, it could turn out to be a very long uncomfortable year, I'm short of money for paying my bills, I slept crappy last night and missed getting out on my bike, I'm tired of search pages that don't have a simple "go" button so I can click instead of having to go back to the keyboard to hit the enter key, I'm mad that the stupid DVR missed taping the very first ep of L&O Trial by Jury, especially since I managed to catch the last fifteen minutes and that part was good and so I'm really mad I missed the other 45 minutes and I'm mad that NBC who reruns the other three L&O shows over and over is not rerunning the pilot ep of this brand new show!!!! I'm probably PMSing too and I'm tired of that too!


I think I'll have some Hagen-Daaz chocolate ice cream and say fuck'em all for tonight. Sigh.

Jason [March 4, 2005 05:22 AM] Well dang, you just need a vacation where you can be pampered :) Hope the new job goes well and good luck!

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March 02, 2005  ::  Wednesday

07:34 PM 
Rants & Whines I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

Dammit, now with all this bloody talk of ice cream, I have to have some! Even tho it's wretched wet and cold outside, I have to have some. Off to the store I go.

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