February 05, 2005  ::  Saturday

07:55 PM 
Butt-moving Getting my lazy butt off the couch

Three weeks ago I started walking. My sister-in-law joined me for the first couple weeks although she's flaked out since then but I am determined to keep going. Even after just three weeks, I feel better, I can climb a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing!

When I drove thru Starbucks the other day, they had flyers for a 5k walk in March and I've signed up. It's a benefit walk for the Aids Foundation Houston and about a dozen other AIDS/HIV related groups here. I figure making a commitment to this and raising funds will keep me going!

You can see info about the walk at AIDS Walk Houston. If you'd like to sponsor me, the walk is prepaid, not dependent on the number of kilometers or anything, just lump sum donations which they want us to collect in advance of the walk on March 13th. To donate, click the Paypal Donate button below:

[button removed as walk is now past]

Any donation, no matter how small is much appreciated, $5, $10, whatever you can give! If you'd prefer to pay by check, you can make it payable to Aids Walk Houston and snail-mail it to me. Just email me at aidswalk [at] ttlg.net and I'll send you my mailing address. You can also check up on my fund-raising efforts thru my profile at the AIDSWalkHouston website.

To keep an eye on my progress in walking and biking, follow my exercise blog, Getting Off My Butt! Right now I've been walking or biking at least three times a week. To figure how far I'm walking or biking, 4th to 11th and back is 1.9 miles and from 7th to 14th and back is about the same distance. I've started riding my bike again and I'm planning to do a mix of walking and biking to keep from getting bored and to do one or the other five to six days a week.

5k is about 3.5 miles so I need to be walking further by then but also faster, it's been taking me about 50 minutes to walk the 1.9 miles and I want to walk faster so that I can walk at least three miles in an hour or less, you'll see some of the entries will say "fast" meaning I pushed to walk a good fast clip the entire distance. I figure riding my bike regularly will also help me get stronger and increase my endurance faster.

FYI, Andi's my sister-in-law, Nimrod is one of my parents' dogs, we started walking at their house because it's right on the main street with a huge median and walking/jogging track in the middle. Their other dogs are McDuff and Bismarck but they're not as well behaved as Nimrod so we haven't taken them out yet.

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