December 15, 2004  ::  Wednesday

11:04 AM 
Observatorium All I want for Christmas...

You never know when life/fate/destiny/God/whathaveyou will hand you a present.

A week ago, things were starting to look up, I'd gotten some money stuff taken care of and was looking forward to doing a bit of Christmas shopping since my budget was a bit improved over recent years. And then my car died, flat in the middle of the road (luckily a decent residential area and I have a cell phone to call the auto repair place I frequent to send their tow truck).

Then the next day, they told me the bad news: it's the fuel pump and in my car, the entire module has to be replaced, can't be done piecemeal and it's $800 plus a new fanbelt for $150. No way I could afford nearly $1,000 for my car. And it seemed like this annual curse, last year just before Thanksgiving, it needed $1,200 of brake repairs. Needless to say, I've been very bummed about all this.

So my stepdad (who always knows someone) said he'd check with the guy who does his airconditioning repairs to see if he could find a cheaper mechanic to fix it which he did several days later, a guy who'd do it for $600. I also called the Ford dealership who said it would be $650 to replace the fuel pump so after the last week of I ended up telling the auto repair place I'd have to have it towed elsewhere since I couldn't afford the $800.

So today, we were set to get a tow truck to take it to a friend's house who would pass on the keys to the mechanic to fix it for $600. In the meantime, the auto repair place got to thinking and started looking at things on my car and lo and behold, they found this thing called the inertia switch which gets tripped if you get hit from the rear and it will shut off power to the fuel pump to help prevent the gas tank from blowing up. But it wasn't tripped, it was unplugged completely! And it's normally very difficult to do that, it's a very secure plug and it's up above the kickplate so it can't be jostled or hit by something that you drive over, weirdest thing they ever saw.

But they plugged it in and the car runs beautifully! $150 for them to get in there and find it and plug it in.

All week I've been borrowing my mom's car and running her errands so I could run my errands too and whenever someone asked what I wanted for Christmas, I said all I wanted was my car fixed. So a very big thank you to the auto repair place and life/fate/destiny/God/whathaveyou for my very bestest Christmas present. I've even got a head cold with a really bad sore throat and I don't care anymore, I'm just so happy to be getting my car back!

Here's my wish that everyone gets something special, however big or small, for Christmas or any holiday you celebrate.

Jason [December 15, 2004 03:35 PM] You have a cold too? I've had mine for about a week now. It's really no fun and it better be gone by next Tuesday - my birthday & my anniversary :-D

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