October 31, 2004  ::  Sunday

02:01 PM 
Fandom Bunches of apples

For over three years I've been offering free hosting to fellow fans. The only thing I asked was that they use the space for a public website and that they limit it to 15 meg. Right now, that's about 1.5 gig in space and almost 35 gig in bandwidth a month for 200+ websites, 100+ email accounts and a bunch of mailing lists.

In the last three years, no-one's ever really taken advantage, every so often someone goes over the limit, but I'm flexible and don't usually say anything until it hits around 25 meg and people are usually happy to remove stuff to get back down to the 15 meg. I've happily given archives extra space and I don't limit bandwidth. (I recently stopped taking requests for free hosting due to my lack of time, at some point, probably next year, I'll open it up again.)

But I guess there's a couple bad apples in every bunch. This week two people uploaded over 80 meg of files each. If they had just asked me before they did that, I would have been happy to work something out, but they didn't. Ask first works with me, apologize later doesn't.

Bad apples are not welcome at Vox Populli. And it pisses me off too, on a nice Sunday morning, so much for the good will of your fellow man. Bah humbug. :(

October 17, 2004  ::  Sunday

02:31 PM 
Music Want a free iPod?

Get a free iPod!FreeiPods.com

This is for real, I've seen a couple other bloggers get iPod or the gift certificates (and I only need two more people to sign up thru the above link to get mine). A couple caveats, first: use a throwaway address, sign up at hotmail or fastmail.fm or yahoo or something) because the way they can afford to do this is by sending you spam (although I've been able to opt out from all but two of the spams).[1] Then once you get your iPod, just abandon the address. Second: choose an offer like Stamps.com which gives you instant credit so then you can cancel before the end of the free trial period. If you sign up for Blockbuster, the free trial is 14 days but you have to be signed up with them for 15 days for it to qualify for the free iPod, so you'd have to pay for a month of Blockbuster to qualify. But if you want to try out Blockbuster and you're willing to pay $20, it's a good deal too.

Still wondering if this is for real? From a friend, I found another site with lots more info about the operation and yes, it's for real.

Edited to add: FreeiPods doesn't accept PO boxes when you're signing up, you have to give a street address. Found this out from a friend living in a rural area that doesn't have home mail delivery, just PO boxes at the post office in town.

[1] I have since realized that there's a checkbox for "I would like to receive promotional emails..." just to the left of the "Next Step" button. If you uncheck that box before clicking the button, you won't get spammed. I was a doofus and ran right past that so I got spammed. My own fault, not theirs. :)

October 13, 2004  ::  Wednesday

10:57 AM 
Observatorium Lunar Eclipse on October 27-28, 2004

Lunar Eclipse on October 27-28, 2004

For North Americans, this eclipse will be visible in the evening, so go outside and watch! There's a chart about the middle of the page giving the start and end times for different time zones. And click on the pic near the top the of the page of last year's blood moon to see more pictures from last year.

October 11, 2004  ::  Monday

03:00 PM 
Politico Just say NO

This is NOT right:

The Sinclair Broadcast Group has ordered its 62 stations to air [the film, entitled Stolen Honor, focuses on Mr. Kerry's 1971 testimony to Congress criticizing the Vietnam War] next week, less than two weeks before election day - November 2.

Broadcast stations should not be attempting to circumvent laws by calling a film a "news event" so they can play partisan politics. It doesn't matter if it's anti-Kerry or pro-Kerry or anti-Bush or pro-Bush or Democrat or Republican, it's not right.

Tell the Sinclair Broadcasting Group what you think of this, email them or call, write or fax them, their phone/fax numbers and addresses are on their contact page. You can also see if they own a station in your area and contact the local station thru the info given there.

You say what abuot Michael Moore's plans to put Fahrenheit 9/11 on TV just before the election? I say it's not the same thing at all - it's labeled as a film, not news and he's trying to get it on Pay-Per-View which means viewers have to want to watch it and pay for it, no different than renting the DVD which is currently available at your local movie rental store. But airing a biased political film as a news show on broadcast (free to the viewer) channels to circumvent the laws designed to prevent this very kind of thing isn't right at all. If Sinclair does air this film, then they should also have to air an opposing viewpoint for the same amount of air time.

Everyone has a right to their political opinion but they don't have a right to force it on everyone else.

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