January 26, 2006  ::  Thursday

08:53 AM
Observatorium :-(

What's really sad is that most of the people I know in real life would not appreciate this, some might find it mildy amusing but would be upset or even horrified that I would want to buy their wall calender so I can enjoy it all year long because they take it far too seriously.

My brother's the only person who could appreciate it, he wouldn't buy it because he doesn't buy calendars or notecards, but he would appreciate it. That's surprising because for most of my life, my mother has been the cool one, she burned her bra in the 70's and smoked pot and dated a man 17 years younger than her but she's changed quite a bit over the last ten years. At least she still votes Democrat...

My boss *groan* is one of those who lives by those stupid motivational posters, he'll hate this thing. *evil grin*

(What led me to the site is a news article at Techdirt about Despair.com jokingly trademarking the :-( emoticon. They have a sense of humor!)

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